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May 2, 2012
So I'm starting to think that the same "blackout restrictions" that have rendered the subscription a complete waste of money, are also being applied to things like dual NY sports team victories.
Like the Yankees will go ahead and beat Boston in the most f'n unbelievable way possible, and then NY sports fans try to change the channel to watch a Rangers playoff win, but a pop-up box fills the screen, saying, "We're sorry. It's been determined that your location has blacked out (blocked out) another win for the city."

So while the Rangers were down in our nation's capital, playing in the 4 hour and 34  minute long foray into hell, the Yankees were in the Bronx getting worked by the Orioles.

Unfortunately, in light of the triple overtime playoff game, the Yankees are getting the short straw in terms of game recapping, This will be a bit on the brief side, which I don't think will make anyone TOO made since I'm not sure I really want to spend 100 column inches discussing a shut out.

Here's we go:

Ivan Nova loses his bid for the longest streak of starts without a loss. Like I always say, you gotta roll a 7 sometime. Either he was bad or the O's were good, I can't tell which. But the ball was popping off their bats.

Offensively, the Yankees couldn't do diddly poo.

The O's, however, did do diddly poo on offensive: Wieters homered, Andino's infield single drove in a run, Markakis homered, Wieters doubled in Jones, Nick Johnson plated Wieters. A real team effort.

Speaking of team effort, I think the Yankees are going to see if they can not only cut their rotation down to 3, but also see if they can get away with fielding only 5 players. Generally, the Yanks are like one of those riddles where you have to take a lion, a goat, and a bale of hay across the river in a 2 person canoe.

Meaning, there's only going to be a handful of bats being productive on any given day, then rest of the team is chilling on the other side of the river waiting for someone to figure out how to make it work so that everyone can get to the other side.

To be fair, the top of the line up are the people who are supposed to be getting on base and thats what they did. Grandy, Arod, Cano, Ibanez were the hits. Let's be honest, anything that comes out of the Z-Pak minus Ibanez, Jones, or R-Mart, well we consider that house money.

In more optimistic news, the bullpen didn't let up any runs! Also, welcome to the pen, Sweaty Freddy. Try not to trash the place, please.

I hope Ivan Nova doesn't get discouraged. Outside of his weirdly good performance, what do we know about the guy? He's been like the sleeper in American Idol who never got any air time during the audition process so when all of a sudden he shows up in the final round, it's like, who dis?

I think hanging out with Ollie too much has made me paranoid; his obsession with Oliver Perez has finally rubbed off, in a way. Now I'm just scared that Ivan Nova (or any young promising pitcher) is going to go the route of this former-Met loony tune.

Chavez left the game with whiplash.Two weeks ago, the Yanks were finding new and exciting ways to decimate Boston. Now they're finding new and exciting unsettling ways of getting injured. Whiplash? That's one of those conditions that is so overused in hyperboles/cliches, that I barely even recognize it as a real health afflication. Kind of like "the flu." And "migraines."

Jered Weaver pitched a no hitter. Which is not only the 2nd time this season a no-no was tossed, but it's also the 2nd time this season that there was another game on that managed to be more exciting than the no-no.

And, by the way, Jered Weaver? Seriously? How the hell is he the only pitcher who somehow manages to significantly improve (and consequently, significantly hack away at his ERA) with every year that he gets older? I like it. I'm not even suggesting this is a steroid thing, not at all. I actually think maybe he's just a weirdo Cali guy who does shit back-ass-wards.

And lastly, there's this,,,(Arrieta's reaction to the game):

"After I make my pitch don't get too far from the mound. Make a quality pitch, get the ball back and get right back to work, When things are going well, tempo is a positive part of your outing."

Maybe someone needs to pony up and get him a translater. Not because he needs one, but because this quote wouldn't have given me pause like it did, if the phrase "as told through a translator" was tacked on to the end of it.

On to Kansas City now, where we'll play ESPN's favorite to win the World Series. I'm not kidding.



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