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Yesterday wasn't the greatest day, but it was Friday so that helped. At first I thought I was just deliriously tired from the aggregate 8 hours of sleep I logged all week, but then by the time I got home, I was like--as my Dad would say--"Uh oh. Fever city." Whatever, I think it's just a fever in my legs* (now I sound like my mom).

*Ok, I work in medicine and I still am amazed that there are commercials for aspirin that say things like how the drug goes straight to the source of the pain. How do they know where to go? Medicine is so f'n cool.

The Yankees lost, too. Which made a fever in a my head. You know what I mean. If the Yankees won, it would have been the equivalent of taking a shower when you're hungover. It doesn't change any of the neurological shit going on that's giving you a hangover in the first place, but somehow it makes you feel physically and mentally infinitely better.

The Yankees lost in a WALKOFF, too. Which is weird because I never expect that to actually happy. And then when it did, I was like "Huh. This sucks. This is how every other team felt for like 80% of the 2009, too. Geez."

Now Oakland has the market cornered on walk-offs. Good for them. I mean, it's hard to remember that they're actually in the same league as the Yankees (that sounded a lot more obnoxious than how I actually meant it). I mean that they're so far away and so much more different than the AL East, I don't know what it is. But whenever we play the As, a part of me feels like it's interleague play.

Also, they're just weird over there.

That was the As' 10th walk off which is crazy town. The Yankees had 15 all season in 2009 (17 if you count the off season) and there's still 3 months of baseball left to play.

They do the whole pie in the face thing, too. I say this tentatively since I've been known to attribute things to the Yankees that aren't even Yankee things (so what?) but didn't AJ start the pie in the face walk off thing? And if so, how do other clubs not feel weird about copying that?

The very first interaction I ever had with Ollie. Yep, this is how we met.
Nothing and I mean NOTHING drives me crazier than the standing up after 2 strikes thing, though. (I mean, "nothing" in terms of tradition-ganking moves.) Particularly when the Socks do it. But really, any team doing it pisses me off because they're using a a Yankee move to comme

Ivan Nova didn't really pitch a bad game. He only gave up 2 runs really, so I hate saying this, but I think he pitched worse than the score indicates.

9 hits is a lot. 2 runs isn't. 6K's is okay. 1BB is great. (Actually only 3 walks the entire game from either team which just is a joy to watch. It's like watching people who know what they're doing or something. So Nova didn't pitch terribly, but even though there weren't that many walks, I still feel like he was having trouble finding the plate, or at least finding where he was supposed to be throwing.

But again, 2 runs is nothing. I still love Nova. (I Lova. Yep.)

R-Mart hits a solo in the 8th (alright, nice one! I'm happy Martin doesn't have to be talked off the ledge anymore), and then Cano follows in the 9th with a game tying solo blast. Also, that's game 23 for Cano.

But the Yankees' streak of scoring at least 3 runs is over. (Why is this a norable measure? Why can't they just make it "games where they scored at least 2 runs" and the streak won't be broken? I mean, it's not like 3 runs is significant of anything, so why is exceptional to have at least 3 runs?)

Speaking of things I don't understand, why is Joba Chamberlain coming back? The Yanks are doing just fine without the trampoline doofus. And I don't know why all the papers and everything are like, "Yankee fans as soooo excited for the return of Joba!"

Well, this Yankee fan isn't. This Yankee fan wants Joba as far away from the Yanks are possible. I know, it's mean since eventually he had a good outting and then everyone was like "SEE??? He's GOOD", to say nothing of the fact about 70% of his stats were less than stellar.

It's funny how all the rehabbing pitchers are like "I'm coming back, guys! I'm ready to pitch, and I'll be back next week!" And then Girardi is just like, "Shh!... don't tell Mo or Joba this, but they're not really coming back this year."

Our bullpen is fine as is, last night's snafu notwithstanding. B-Lo, D-Rob, and Color Swatch patched together a nice hold, until Eppley blew it when it gave up the walk off to Brandon Moss, who plated Yoenis Cespedes. ("I'll take 'Names of insect phylum for $1000,' please.")

Let's shake it off and hope the As don't go all Yankees on us and start walking off their way into the playoffs and then I'll be forced to acknowledge they're not an NL team after all.

PS: Nice game, Milone. Your name sounds like Colon.


  1. dachseeguy said...
    Amazing analysis, I am baseball illiterate.
    Infantry_169 said...
    Test post, if this were an actual post I'd ask what the heck is going on in Oakland.

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