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By Samuel Beckett
Not a bad weekend in terms of the Yankees.Unfortunately, the one loss was also the one game I went to, but since it was with Keith, how bad could it have really been? If nothing else, this weekend was a reaffirmation of how lucky I am to have my sisters, Keith, and Ollie (the nutjob who isn't an MLB pitcher, that Ollie.)

Most of the time if I miss a game recap or two, I'm quick to blame the office/work, but I think this may be a first in my blogging tenure, which is that I just didn't write because I was having a bad weekend. I know, I know. Turns out CYC is, in fact, not immune to suffering stomach punches!

Moving on, I was heartened to see that Oliver Perez pitched on Friday, which made me happy because I know it made HisDudeness and Ollie happy. (Although, actually, I think Ollie may have actually missed it because he was making coconut bars or something. On a Friday night. I told he was nuts.)

So the long wait ended. Finally, we all got to see the triumphant return of Oliver Perez to major league baseball. Which is what this season was laddering up to, yeah?

Fatso was dominant on Frday night, pitching a complete game and giving up only 3 hits. Which of course paled in comparison to the 0.2 IP from OP, where he gave up NO hits. Excitement!

Serf Felix was similarly dominant on Saturday, giving up 2 hits and give a hand to Kiruda for only letting in 1 run the whole game. Not bad really. It wasn't his fault that the Yankees couldn't drop a single ball beyond the short porch. I actually had no idea how dominant Hernandez's outing really was until I read that the last time a visiting pitcher threw a complete game 1-0 shutout was in 1988. Geez. Ok, fine. Well done, Serf Felix. Well done.

It was still a cool game, though, since I got to go with Keith, and even the 2 Mariners fans sitting next to us were pretty f'n cool. These adorable boys from Seattle, one who's a psychology major at Swarthmore and one who works for the coast guard. I love baseball fans who don't suck.

I passed out almost the second I got home from the game, though, on account of just not feeling up to snuff lately. And then I didn't wake up til 6pm on Sunday. I told you, it was a rough weekend. Not like me. Fortunately, there's and I could watch the archived game. It was a good one, because I like seeing the Yankees win, and I love seeing someone like Sweaty Freddy not implode in a 9-hit 1st inning debacle or something.

On the contrary, SF actually got the W! Yep. His 150th. And it wrapped up a terrible homestand for the Yankees (never thought I'd be so happy to leave NY). Ibanez was very Ibanez-like, driving in runs and what have you.

Freddy is very proud of himself since he has more wins of any Venezualan born pitcher. More than Santana and Serf Felix, even. Ha. Yes, so that is the real mark of success then. Those 2 scrubs got nothing on our boy Sweaty.

So that was the weekend, more or less. Again, sorry about the brevity of this post and for the absence of posts over the weekend. It's been a rough couple of weeks, and I'm not looking forward to getting surgery on Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to get some peace before then. In the words of my mom "I think I want peace. Because peace just about covers it."

The Yanks headed to Detoit yesterday and begin a week long roadtrip today. They finish up in Toronto this weekend, head home to face Texas (oh, shit), and then follow that with the Socks (meh.) The best part about being a Yankee fan is always being able to look forward to a win. Regardless of whether or not it happens, you always assume it will. And hence, being young and a Yankee fan means always having something to look forward to.


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