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So I'm in the process of moving, which is the irrefutable excuse for slacking on the posting this weekend. I really think that moving is the #1 reason that trumps all other reasons, for not being able to post. I mean, I'm homeless theoretically so I have to find a place to live pretty soon. My apartment is all packed though, and the storage facility is locked up and all.Now I just need a place to call home!

That said, it's not like I didn't watch any of the games this weekend.

Friday night, though. I feel aleep at 8pm and woke up at 1 then next day. I wish Ohyob still lived in the city. No matter how stressed out I could get about something, he had an uncanny way of placating me.

SO, back to the games.

FATSO IS BACK. returned to snap the Yankees' 3-game skid. Swisher drove in 3 runs. Jeter got beaned, but he was ok. And the Yankees won 3-1 on Friday. I missed all of it, I'm sorry I can't provide more cutting commentary, but I've been a inexplicably exhausted as of late.

On Saturday, the tables were turned, and the Yankees were on the losing end of a 3-1 effort. Kuroda pitched pretty spectacularly, though, despite that little hiccup in the 1st when he gave up a 3-run bomb to Brantley. 3-0 game, and after that, Kuroda pitched a 4-hit game. Yankees had about 192 opportunities to get those runs back, AGAINST THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL, but nothing happened.

Tex's sac in the 6th brought it a run, but considering the Yanks spent half the game loading the basese, it was a pretty weak excuse for a run.

So they lose, and the funniest part of Saturday had nothing to do with the Yankees (obviously. Since losing is rarely funny.) The best part of Saturday had to do with the Red Socks completely ridiculous "rebuilding" moves.

See ya, Beckett, A-Gonz, and Crawford.


Sunday's game was the only win I saw this weekend, actually, and it was while I was at my parents' place. My parents, like ohyob, have an uncanny way of destressing me. MOST of the time. There are definitely times when I'll be like, "Man, I'm really worried about the fact my head keeps detaching from my body!" and I'm looking for them to say something like, "Oh, don't worry about it, that happens to everyone every so often."


Moving on. Horrible, tortuous death notwithstanding, the Yankees pulled off the W on Sunday, which included Grandy's 200th career bomb. Also, Kipnis played well, which worked out well for me and other managers who have him on their fantasy team. (3 hits, 3 stolen bases. Good showing, Jason.)

Sorry, that's all I got. I'm coming up on the Blue Jays game soon, anyway. I'm sorry. Let's hope the Jays series hands us a merciful stress-free win. A blowout in the Yankees favor. An easy game would be GREAT. But any win. Any win would be fantastic. Glen Livet. Glen Galley. Any glen, perhaps. Any glen or win will do.


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