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Text from Alex R. at weekend's onset: "Can't believe that  series in August/September against the f'n b-birds is a big series."

Yeah. I know.

A big series, and the Yanks really rose to the occasion (pause.)

I may be losing a certain degree of crazy fan credibility by saying this, but despite the fact the Yankees have been playing like week-old polar bears trying to nail down the whole functioning-without-dying thing, despite the fact the Yankees' only win came because the Orioles the scratched on the 8-ball, and despite the fact this weekend underscored the reality that the Yankees have gone from zesty conga line of talent to a choking performance at a Stephanie Tanner Dance Recital...

Yes, despite all these sad truths, I have to say that this Labor Day weekend was the by far the best weekend of the summer.

And how often am I ever this content when the Yankees are playing like this? Well, approximately zero times, really. Which means Ohyob gets the series MVP award for the weekend. Omne mea dies optime sunt eos, qui consumo vobiscum.

I'm watching the Tampa game right now, so I'll be back with the recapping tonight. 3-3 game right now in the 8th. Cheers, and I'll be back on the clock in a few hours.

Aestes confecit. Nihil aliud.


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