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This is now the second damn time I'm writing this post. As if it wasn't aggravating enough recapping the shit show from last night, I am now being forced to do it again because a slight slip of the hand resulted in a deletion of the whole post.

I blame this on my dad. He's sitting inside watching the pre-game for football, and he keeps making fun of the announcers and I know he's just doing it because he thinks I'll think it's funny, but it made it impossible to concentrate on writing, so I said, Ok I'm gonna go outside and write if you're going to be talking to the tv etc.And in trying to move the computer 15 feet from the kitchen table to the outside patio, the post was lost. It of course is not my dad's fault, but a good lawyer would be able to find liability in this. Torts.

Whatever, I'm pissed. Here we go again. I'd apologize for repeating myself but none of you read this the first time. It's just gonna sound repetitive to me. This is also the second time this week I feel like I'm in some contemporary Sysiphean situation. (Thank you Alex and Amy for the 19th round of manuscript changes. And up the mountain the boulder goes again...)

Sigh. Giddy up.

My aunt walked in this morning and starts going on and on about how she couldn't even sleep last night because of what happened. "Did you see the game last night?? Unbelievable. It was terrible. I couldn't even sleep last night because of it. I tell ya, not one wink. I was up all night, just thinking about it."

She's great. And I thought I was the craziest Yankee fan in the family. I stand corrected. Although I suspect the being up all night may have had something to do with the fact me and her daughter/my cousin were out all night. Semantics.

Yeah it was a fucking bullshit call. And the thing is, I never ever belabor singular calls because I know that they all even out in the end. You know. Maybe you don't get that call, but you'll get another one later on in the season that puts the universe in balance again.

HOWEVAH, this call was different. This call was the difference between being 2 games up on the O's vs sharing a tie (redundancy) for 1st. This isn't 100% true, I realize. The only thing that calling Tex safe would have done is tie up the game.

There is no guarantee that the Yankees would have ended up winning it. Actually, using the 2012 season's odds as a rubric would suggest they in all likelihood WOULDN'T have come back to win it. They rarely do these days.

But as you know, math means nothing to me. Nor does history. I think the Yankees would have won that game if Tex was called safe. I do.

That play could end up being pretty damn significant. And as I'm writing that, I can hear the chorus of haters and Baltimore fans hissing at us about Jeffrey Maier.

To which I'm responding indignantly that I think the Yankees have paid their debt for that already. I do. So back off, Baltimore. You're acting like a girlfriend who got cheated on and then took her boyfriend back but won't let him stop paying for his mistake. Jeffrey Maier may have been the catalyst that triggered the Yankee dynasty. But it hasn't all been primroses and cream for the Bombers in the last 17 years.

Karma, schmarma. This is not how karma should be operating. It should work in a rewarding way, not in a punishing way, you know? Because now it makes me want to go do hoodrat shit with my friends.

Whatever. Ima recap the game instead. Again.

So Round Boy did not look good last night. Like, at all. He looked uncomfortable. He was all over the place, and when he wasn't all over the place, he was in the place in which the Orioles were knocking it out of the park.

JJ Hardy, Mark Reynolds, and Lew Ford all took our ace deep. That's fun. Nope. You know what else is aggravating about this team? They're making a playoff bid with a bunch of players who were like 5th round fantasy picks like 5 years ago! I defintely had all 3 of those guys on my team as some point. You know. 5 years ago.

Speaking of the Orioles' sultans of swat, Nick Markakis is out for the rest of the season because Fatso hit him with a pitch that crushed his fingers. That sucks. The papers are all saying how the game last night was troubling for both teams, since the Yankees had to deal with that bullshit call, and the Orioles had to deal with the loss of Markakis. I'm not really on board with this line of thinking, I kind of hate using player injuries as currency in the tit for tat war.

It's like when there's a clinical study done on a drug and the results are phenomenal but we can't make any claims about its life-prolonging benefits until someone in the study actually dies. You don't wish for a death because we're not playing with paper dolls. They're people.

By the same token, it's not like Markakis is going to die from a broken finger, so I'm not too sympathetic.

The game began the same way every game begins for the Yankees. With them taking an early 2-0 lead. Arod sac flies, Sneach doubles in a run. There it is. 2-0.


Yep, then the opponents answers with 2 runs of their own, and then some. Clockwork. gives up to Reynolds and Ford in the 2nd inning. Reynolds is starting to drive me bananas, and Ford has been around forever, so good for you I guess, for still being able to hit dings at the ripe old age of 36.

Hardy double in a run in the 3rd inning to break the tie, and it remains a 3-2 game until the 6th when the O's score more runs and every Yankee fan is getting more and more dejected, especially as we see them strand runners over and over and over and over again.

Hardy homers in another run, and Ford singles in one, confirming that these were the only 3 guys on the line up for the day. There was a pitcher I think, but I don't think he was too relevant. When is Joe Saunders ever truly relevant? He basically came out of type casting for "warm body."

Still, he gets the win, and Johnson gets the save. Neither of them deserve their respoective feathers for their proverbial caps.

Arod goes yard to put the Yankees within 2 runs, and the guy next to me at the bar (Billy in a green Yankees sweatshirt) starts lamenting how the Yankees had so many chances to win but they blew it. I told him, there was still an inning left to play, so unless he wants to lose his spleen, he should button up the pie hole.

Sigh. Me and Billy in the green Yankees sweatshirt shared a hearty groan of disappointment at that last out. The bar erupted in aggravated moans. My cousin accused Billy of wearing a stolen sweatshirt. Billy said we were crazy. The night went on.

The game was infuriating and frustrating, which is really an improvement from depressing and deflating. I'm not kidding. Sad games are when the Yankees just look lost, like someone who just lost his job or spouse. Frustrating games are when the Yankees just miss a few  breaks, either by their own fault or that of circumstance.

I wasn't sad after this game, as I have been in the last few weeks. I was frustrated. The Yankees saw 170 pitches, compared the O's 131, which may be a testament to the Os' ability to know when to hold 'em, fold 'em etc. Or in a glass half full way, it may be a testament to the Yankees' settling down. Taking pitchers. Not getting frantic. Playing smart.

I think it's that. They're not going all in. They're choosing what hands to play carefully. Which is propitious behavior that I repsect.

Additionally, they had 10 hits. They were only 1-9 with RISP, which isn't good, but I mean, they lost. Obviously they could've played better. So all isn't perfect. But the things that were wrong werent the worst things in the world. I can work from anger.

It's impressive to see a man feeding off his emotions

I hope my aunt gets some sleep tonight. It's NFL Sunday and it's a beautiful day out. With the Giants not a factor today, I get to spend my Sunday locked only to the Yankees, with the opportunity to skip back and forth between football and baseball and the beach at leisure. With all those elements, I'm thinking that the Yankees' chances are bolstered by karma. Again.

Come on, baseball. Even though everyone thinks the Yankees were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, it doesn't give you the right to play Robin Hood with their luck.

And if you're not going to give it back to us, then be prepared to have it taken from you.

The Yankees aren't going to play dead for anyone. Take heed.


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