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See, I didn't even have it in me to "pause" the title of the blog post.

I'm exhausted/sick in every sense of the word(s). I just spent the last 3 hours doing pro-bono copyediting for someone I barely even talk to. I know there are at least some people out there who understand the compulsive need to proofread, yeah?

Alright, re: the Yankees...

I am not all "WAHHH, they're DONE!" alarmist. I am sad that they waste outstanding outing by their pitchers game after game.

It's just so ironic and annoyingly so, that we spend every season, all season, biting our fingernails about how we can POSSIBLY survive in the postseason with a half-ass rotation.

We spend the entire season wiping the accumulation of sweat on our foreheads, when the big bats bail out the pitching game after game.

And now? Look at us. It's a shame, really.

You know what else is a shame? That Jeff Nelson is employed by MLB.

"The hand did not get in before the tag," Nelson said after seeing a replay. "The call was incorrect." Ok, great. That and a subway card will get us uptown.

Here's the weird part, though. I'm actually relieved that the Yankees were shut-out. Because if the Yanks had so much as scored ONE run, I'd be spitting nails about the impact of that bullshit call at second.

I'm having a tough time listening to the announcing, by the way, since they're starting to sound like drunk chicks talking about football. Or that scene in Saved By the Bell when Zach tricks the dorks from Valley into mixing up their sports knowledge.

I'm pretty sure after Detroit took a 1-0 lead that I heard, "And the game is now tied!"

But, hey, I guess the real story of the evening was the fact that Robinson Cano broke the all-time MLB record of longest streak without a hit in the postseason. It's funny because at one point in the season, we were counting his hit streak. Not funny-haha so much as funny-headexploding.

Then there's Arod. Who got a hit in the 9th. He also struck out a bunch, as he is want to do. But don't worry, he had some reassuring words for everyone: "We've been through stretches like this all year. It's been a very volatile stock market for us this year."

Cute! Metaphors! HIT THE #*$& BALL.

Grandy went 0 for a million. Pretty much everyone did. 4 hits all game. 0-5 with RISP. 7 LOB. Whatever, it my head it was a 1-0 game, because all those runs after the 2-out missed call at 2nd don't count.

Still, a 1-0 game is a Yankee loss. Just means a shorter recap, I guess.

I'm not worried. I don't know why, but it's too ridiculous. All of it. It's like when Roy Hobbes went from being Miguel Cabrera to Mario Mendoza (at best) Arod (at worst). It was bananas. And frustrating. I mean, in terms of emotions evoked by a fictitious character who's slumping, anyways.

But he came back eventually. It'll be cool when we get to see an entire line-up take turns hitting the lights out of the stadium stands. Cue up the the Natural Theme. Because if there was ever a good time for a preposterously improbable renaissance, it is against the best pitcher in baseball.

Yeah, we're gonna tee off on Verlander.

That may be one of the more ridiculous things I've ever written on this blog, which is saying a lot. But then again...


  1. MJM said...
    I know there are at least some people out there who understand the compulsive need to proofread, yeah?

    Sure. FWIW, the word you want to use in the phrase as he is want to do is "wont." (As Annie Savoy would say, "You could look it up.") Fun with homophones is the best I can do after the past 48 hours, sorry.

    No, no, don't mention it, always happy to help ... ;-)
    Mami_Yankee1976 said...
    The nice thing about the past is that it's behind us. Should I be concerned with what's ahead of us. I know, I know I don't want to be one of those people that say "we're done," but damn. I am cringing over here, and at times, I almost feel like I do when I am watching the Little League World Series and one team is winning by guzillion runs and you feel so bad that you say, "can't they just say "game over" already" because I can't watch this anymore without my heart breaking. There! I've said the thing I am not supposed to admit. I don't feel particularly confident--right about now. ;(
    Mami_Yankee1976 said...
    LOL @ MJM
    Unknown said...
    MJM, who you callin' a homophone? And you've got the wrong "perfesser": A Yankee Fan should know that Annie got that line from Casey Stengel.
    MJM said...
    And you've got the wrong "perfesser": A Yankee Fan should know that Annie got that line from Casey Stengel.

    ... who probably nicked it from James Thurber. Sure.

    I went with the fictional chick rather than the actual Perfessor because the name of the blog ain't "Crazy Yankee Crotchety-Old-Guy-In-A-Baggy-Wool-Uniform," that's all.

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