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Magic little number,
One more game is all it takes.
Thrilling combination
And Orioles will lose the race.
One win and suddenly the AL east is locked.
You know we'll have to remember to thank the Red Socks.
Alright, I'm getting wayyyy ahead of myself.

That's what happens when you lose control of your thoughts.Taking my thoughts to a pennant race is like taking a kid to FAO Schwartz or something.

So, the Yankees beat the Red Socks on Tuesday night in a 12 inning game, that involved Ibanez hitting a tying 2-run bomb in the 9th with 1 out, and then Ibanez roping a walk-off base through the infield to score Super Mario from 2nd.

Yes, Cervelli is on the Yankees. How do I not know anything? Oh wait, it's probably because he hasn't picked up a baseball bat since GI Jane was in theaters No, seriously. Cervelli's been officially a New York Yankee for a month. But the last at-bat he had was in August.

And yet somehow, after falling behind 0-2 with 2 outs in the 12th, he manages to draw a walk. And then he somehow makes it home, beating the throw from left with a slide that looked like some kind of cross between trying to boogie board on a sand dune, and a stop-drop-and-roll fire safety measure.

He made it there and was safe because the throw from left field was launched using a nerf bow and arrow and now a major leaguers arm.

Time for dungeon level! Scary.
Alright, so the game was a real rollercoaster of emotions because the Socks took a 2-0 lead early BECAUSE THAT'S HOW EVERY GAME EVER STARTS. And then ZPack3 drives a run, which doesn't make up for all the runs he's cost, but it kind of does because this is the one we remember.

2-1 game. May as well be 1-0. Didn't I just recap this game? Bowno.

Then it's 3-1 and our buddy Glenn emails me to say he "knows how this game ends, and it's not exciting."

Boy, was he was wrong!

And a jackass. Why would you tell me the end of the game if you know how it ends? I guess since we were both watching it live, I should've taken it with some salt. Only my dad is allowed to make ridiculous claims of having seen game reruns. Mostly because they're not ridiculous. He probably has seen them already.

Anyways, Phelps doesn't do too bad a job, really, as opposed to the Yankee bats which had logged something like 10 hits after 6 innings, and STILL could only get 1 run out of it.

Somewhere, I'm hearing a "that's statistically impossible" huff. may very well be. 4-11 with RISP and only 4 runs on 16 hits? Ok obviously it's possible because it happened. This is why I hate the concept of "imaginary numbers" because I feel like it gives all shady math an automatic default.

"Oh, um, yeah. Well, it's not a statistically impossible, PER SE, not if you consider the imaginary number element of the proof. Did you do that? No, I didn't think so."

No one cares how the Socks got their runs, right? Suffice to say Looney [sic, but it shouldn't be] took R-So deep. Video game noise of game over.

Then Ibanez ties the game, as he is want to do. Bonus life, +1, level up video game noise!

3-3 game, lots of mini-threatening situations, and you know how the Yankees hate that. That want to score their runs in private. With no one watching them from the bases.

The pen was superb btw. Really, really great. And I'm not just saying this because they won, ok fine maybe I am, I can't even finish that thought in good conscience--but I think Girardi managed his pitchers perfectly. It was weird. No overmanaging. Not even when he yanked Phelps after he struck out Cody Ross, who is good despite not have only-been-called-by-his-last-name status.

But, yeah, even then. Right move. I guess he's the manager for a reason, as we are just the rabid fans for a reason.

Derek Lowe--good work. That was helpful what you did.

Arod--I've never seen you so mad at a lineout near the warning track. It was weird. Good hit though.


GGBG--Picked off again, huh. Sneach is snickering because he's faster, probably.

Every starter got a hit except Tex. I hope Padilla says something about that, because it will amuse me.

Padilla looks like the troll thing in "Labyrinth." Hoggle?

The Red Socks used about 89 pitchers and at one point, I think there was talk about Bobby V trying to get that sand piper bird who stopped the game inexplicably, to start warming up.

And about 230 hours before the Yankees finally recorded their 4th and winning run of the game, the Orioles won their game in a neat little 1-0 battle against the Devil Rays.

The final game of the regular season is Wednesday, and the Yankees need a win to secure the division. The Orioles need a win to hope for a tie.

Time to go one more round.

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  1. Mami_Yankee1976 said...
    I had to watch the game on the ESPN App on my Droid. So, it wasn't as exciting, I imagine, as watching it on MLB.TV, etc., but it works. Not that I want to harp on Tex, but really? What the hell was that last night. He was making that ESPN App even more annoying than it already is. His RISP last night alone had to -0000.001%--good grief. I hope he plans to get his shit together before we start PS play. Ok enough about him. And I think it's actually funny and sorta insulting for them to call out the magic number of 1--um news flash there is only one game left. I digress. Good Stuff, Kris. Let's Go Yankees!

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