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I forgot about that, how the Yankees like to come back when down late in the game. It was awesome. Like when you're in some kind of logistical dilemma involving transport, and one of your friends is like, "Well, I can just drive." To which you respond, "Oh yeah!! Yes! I forgot all about the fact you had a car in the city! PERFECT."

It's exciting when you rediscover some great providence that's always been there. Like getting winter clothes out of storage.

And while I'll take a comeback win over a ride any day of the week and twice on Sunday, I'm going to call it a draw between the comeback and winter clothes. I spent 3 months post-hurricane trying to repurpose my summer clothes into 15 degree weather gear. "This sundress can be winter-y, right? Like if I wear it with a scarf? No?"

But, yeah, what a great game. I wish I had gone--weather was as good it gets for an April game, Fatso started, low-scoring game, tie-breaking/game-winning long ball late in game, to supplement runs "manufactured"* by way of base hits, during a 2-out rally.

*I hate this almost as much as "step up to the plate" and "must-win situation," and more than "insurance runs." All runs are manufactured. Some are manufactured by hitting the ball over the fence. Some are manufactured by driving in baserunners with base hits. It's like "walking distance" and "divisible by __."

Round Boy starts off the game with about 738 pitches in the 1st inning, including one that Paul Goldschmidt launched over the opposite field. It was opposite of encouraging, too. I hate when Lard struggles, not so much because of impact on game, but for sort of the same reason I hate it when Mo blows a save.

Non-Yankee fans never say, "One bad game, one bad inning, he's great at any age, any weight." They say the opposite of that, and it's ridiculous hearing people say, "CC is done! He's getting up there, you know. Yankees were f'n morons to sign him to such a big contract. You know, the Yankees buy their team. P.S.. Arod."

The less time spent listening to animated, empassioned drivel that lacks basic corroborating support and facts... the better, The best even. That's a big reason why I don't like Round Boy/Mo pitfalls.

HOWEVAH, no pitfall from either side last night! After the bomb to Goldschmidt, he was good ol' again. It bears mentioning (maybe), that every time I hear or write Goldschmidt (which is like n=11), he keeps popping up in my head as Pewtersmidt. Not only did that not bear mentioning, it needed even less picture cobbling:


After gorging himself on pitches in the 1st, Fat fasted, giving up only 3 hits rest of game (through 8th anyway), sac fly to A.J. Pollack. No powerpoint photo manipulation for him, though.

3-0 game, Yanks down in 7th, and from my memory of the stale, shapeless, and lackluster season last year, this was when --as we had sadly learned--was not a magic time for them. No mystique. Most just the Que? part of the word.

But then the NY Yankees, in all their weirdly Motley Crew-formed "glory," pulled it off. Ben Francisco (Like the city, only a BE instead of an SA. Cute! BESA! or BASE!) singles in the 7th with 1 out, after the Yankees were almost hitless against Miley Cyrus for the first 6 innings.

Super Mario struck out, 2 outs, 1 on. No runs. Brennan Boesch, whose name just isn't right, doubles. 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs.

(His name's not right! Where's the D? Why the E? It looks like one of the words I'd try to pass off during my brief Words With Friends stint, when I'd just throw all the letters on the board in every permutation possible until "Not a Word" didn't pop up after pressing submit.)

Then Nunez errs on the side of doing the right thing, which is walk, to load up the bases for Jayson Nix, who also walks. Miley is throwing the ball like he's playing Pop-A-Shot, arcade basketball, and he's just trying to get as many tosses up as possible to jack up the buckets before time expires.

So, if you remember from Tuesday's post, I did have a prediction about the game:

"Miley is going to be Rowny by game's end."

And look at this! Adding to the thematic silo of "missing letters in names," here is Rowny being taken out:

He is biting a towel.

Joe Girardi on Rowny:

"He's a good looking pitcher. He gets you to swing at that ball that's just above the waist and looks really tempting."


Yanks on the board. Tony Sipp comes in for relief, who sounds like he would make a nice ice cream truck operator.

In comes GGBG, whose numbers with bases loaded are pretty ridiculous(ly good) for someone who will never have the meanness and teeth grinding aggression of a big slugger. He looks like he should be working with the Geek Squad at Best Buy. But he came through. With a 2-run single that slipped through the fielders like a tomato seed under a nail gun. Tie game.

Then Hafner goes yard off Sipp:


Mo gets the save. Yanks take 7th game of the last 8. Keith texts me to say he's "liking this team!" I continue to be confused by things such as Vernon Wells being the Yankee to break up a hitless game through 6 innings.

Tonight we go for win #9. The pitcher match-up isn't as promising as the Tubbo/Miley Cyrus duel. It also looks like the Little League commissioner needs to step in and talk to the coaches about having lopsided teams. It's unfair to the kids.

Arizona: Corbin (2-0, 1.50 ERA)
New York: Hughes (0-2, 10.29 ERA)

Ignorantia non est beatitudo. Ita malum non est confusio semper.

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  1. Infantry_169 said...
    Your absence was very disturbing. :) now I know how the dog feels, when is she coming back, she's never coming back, she's dead and I'm going to starve. Wait, are those her favorite shoes?

    Want to hear something incredible? Of course you do. I'm driving home yesterday listening to Mike F on WFAN when some boob calls in and says that he is afraid that when Tex and Grandy comes back it will mess up " the good Chemistry (Karma) or whatever that the Yankees are having lately." MF went crazy on this guy, I'm paraphrasing but he said in what dimension or alternate universe would you want Overlay versus Tex?

    Ah crap, got to go to work. Glad you're back, sorry about the shoes ;(

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