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That was a close game. The good news is that they won, the bad news is that for the entire game, Laur and I had to listen to some yahoo yammer on about how he's the biggest diehard Yankee fan in the world but this team disgusts him. To certify his self-proclaimed "diehard" title: "Listen, I have season tickets, ok?"

Why wasn't he at the game then? "I was having dinner with a little someone known as GENE WILDER. Yeah, maybe you've heard of him? Yeah." Then he launched into a payroll diatribe, and Lauren knew this was my "What are you, McFly? Chicken?" equivalent. Or Roger Rabbit's "Shave and a Haircut."

She intervened and staved off bloodshed, and that was just the FIRST time of the night she saved the day. (Saved the night, I guess. But that sounded weird, which is something I ALWAYS try to avoid.) Lauren also saved the night by writing the recap of tonight's game, so I could get some sleep!

Alright, here she goes! THANK YOU, SISTER. And thank you for annotating it, and for closing with Latin, and for this.

I like to go OVERboard.


This recap is dedicated to Lyle Overbay. Originally because I like making puns out of his last name, but serendipitously, he did some important things today. And here are a couple things related to what he did, and what I then did with his name:


Important in-game notes/highlights
PUN #1

Situation: the first time I saw Lyle on screen tonight.

My reaction: that man looks ancient

My pun: more like Lyle Over-THE-HILL!

Explanation: At this point theres not a lot of familiar faces on this team. I was at the game on Monday and every time I sawwhoever that catcher wasget up to the plate, I was incredulous that he was on the Yankees.
So when I saw Overbay, I was blown away that such an old fella could still play baseball. I probably should be more concerned about my apparent short-term memory issue.
Luckily, I came up with an awesome pun so all my concerns were gone! (also lucky was that I wrote down all the things I thought about throughout the game, so that I didn't have to actually remember my awesome puns.)

PUN #2

Situation: Lyle (wisely) does not advance to third base after a flyball to center field is caught.

My reaction: I am irrationally mad that Lyle has not landed at third.

My pun: great. Way to not be Lyle OVER-TO-THIRD.
Explanation: At this point you may have noticed that I was really excited about my over-the-hill joke, and never really got back to that original glory. But if you keep saying the same joke over and over, it gets funnier. [LP1]

PUN #3


b.     After 2 takes on the Lyle Overbay puns, I got creative and moved on to other words.

My reaction: There is a conspiracy unfolding wherein the Astros are really the Red Sox in disguise.

My pun: WHOston are we really playing? 

Explanation: Im really, really bad at puns. But seriously, there were points during the game when the jerseys were angled in a way that it was just OBVIOUS that it didn't say Houston at all. It said BOSTON. And there was a guy named Clemens!
Not sure if anyone has discussed this yet, but apparently the Astros have a low payroll. Maybe if they ponied up a few extra bills they wouldnt be fishing in the Salvation Army bins of the MLB for gear. Just saying.

Like the first 2 times I contributed on this blog, I have once again neglected to actually recap the game. Consider it like listening to Joe Buck! [LP3] 


Oh the Yankees won, with my favorite score: 4-5.


 [LP1]See you in hell




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