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I had to work a little late, so I only got to catch the radio broadcast, missed an inning and a half while on subway home, and then got back to apartment to see the final innings. And it was kind of frenetic, like almost everything I do, regardless of whether it warrants a frenzy, because of the whole "Every single important show and game is on tonight at the same exact time" thing.

Felt like I was the mother in the last scene of the "Good Son."

I mean, obviously the Yankees were the ones pulled up over the ledge, and not the Rangers or the Knicks.

(I don't buy that ending of the movie, btw. No mother would ever let go of her own flesh and blood, even if he HAD killed his brother and tried to kill the rest of the family. That's not how mothers operate.)

Not that the Knicks had any chance of holding my attention for more than 2 minutes--if that--but I was more following it because the outcome would dictate my behavior towards the Knicks fans in office (ie probably would try to get my timesheet in on time to make life easier for the Knick fan in the finance department).

NEWS? More like OLD. As in, with headlines like these,
it makes it sound like we should be grateful the DL is only full
of physical ailments, and not Alzheimer's onset.
Anyways, both the Yanks and Rangers lost by 1, in real heartcrackers. (Not quite devastating enough to break your heart, but enough to put a hairline fracture in it, I suppose.)

As usual, half the team exited the game with injuries. It's one thing to start the season with a crop of people who aren't THE YANKEES as we've come to know them. It's another thing to have to start every game like that. Now even the Decoys are summering in the South DL.

(You know they're all just doing it just to be closer to Jeter and/or so that Jeter will think they're cool. And really, who HASN'T done that? Let he who has not faked an illness to go to the school nurse when a crush happened to also be in the nurse's office, cast the first stone.)

The only reason I'm being so glib about all this is because I'm pretty sure you'll see a mass exodus from the DL any day now, given that Joba Chamberlain has just printed out his ticket at the DL Axcela kiosk. (The DL-ela) Nothing kills a good old fashioned injured reserve party like a fat mustachioed reliever who has no respect for authority or even respect for his teammates.

Survey says...

Somehow the Yankees are still in first. This is interesting because they have scored fewer runs than every other team in their division. I mean, you expect this shit from NL-ers and their ridiculous 10-14 run games,

Obviously the flip side is that the Yankees' opponents have scored almost nothing, which is why our boys are in this position. Which means, the pitching has just been THAT GOOD.

Has it, though? There have been a handful of dammmmn-what-a-gem type of games from our starters, but there have been more than a handful of oh-cool-7-runs-in-the-first types of games. Fatty is managing to go deep in the game, but gives up a lot of hits (not runs, just hits). Andy's done great except when it's against a terrible team.

Maybe Gonzalez will get the starting nod in the interim. \

Anyways, sorry for the vagueries (sp? word?), tonight's recap will be more much for comprehensive, as it is one of my FAVORITE DAYS OF THE YEAR.

See you back here in about 23 hours...
Aenean tempus eget requiescit.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Your killing me with your post scripts although I"m sure Ms. Fenstermacher is thrilled.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Ms. Fenstermacher! The best. I would die both of happiness and humiliation I think. I half want her to read these to show her how much I still love Latin. I half am scared she's going to alert me to fact my postscripts don't so much read as profound conclusions, so much as they read like sound bites of someone speaking in tongue. Or shake her head in resignation saying, "Well, 5th declensions aren't for everyone, I guess."
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