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I'm sorry, as I mentioned earlier in the month, I was at ASCO in Chicago for a week, and then baiscally went straight from there to San Francisco for work, and now am in the throes of the Endocrinology Conference out here. Soo.... yes, while I did get to go enjoy an 18-inning loss in Oakland, I'm back on the clock here, and will be working around the clock until roughly June 24.

I'll be back at the end of the month, blogging about the games in full force. I usually can make the whole not-sleeping-so-I-can-fit-blogging-into-my-work-schedule thing work out, but in the face of ASCO, ENDO, and traveling this much...yeah, not so much. I think it's actually physically impossible.

I'll see you in a week! Go Yankees!

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