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My coworker invited me to the game, but duty called, and I listened to the first half of the game on MLB audio, quarantined in a fishbowl conference room with purple pens sticking out of my hair and loose sheets of prescribing information holding court on the table.

I took a break after the top of the 1st, and by the time I got back from getting an iced triple caramel latte, the score was 4-0. Ok, not to be one of those people whose mind never swings into the "cheerful surprise" realm...but my first thought was that the time in the office had finally done what I had always been afraid it would do, which is completely nullify basic time continuums.

(I don't remember the last time I came into work and then blurted out mid-meeting, "Wait, what day are we on?")

It never really occurred to me that the Yankees had made a P-Hu out of Weaver. It never occurred to me that the Yankees managed to score 4 runs in 4 minutes, after 4 months of struggling to put up even 1 run on the board.

Me of little faith? Sweet Christ, what is going on.

Thank anyway, Glen. For the ticket
offer. Not for turning down the recapping
request, in my hour of copywriting need.
After that, I stopped listening to the game on the radio and went old school route of avoiding facebook/social media/internet/text messages/outside world, so I could delight in the YES Encore presentation of the game.

Which I did. And indeed, it was delightful.

A-So had a pretty good game. A salami. Roughly 48,000 ribbies. A-Rod knocked in a double (even more notable was the fact that in post-game coverage I didn't read word one about him. It was nice.)

Nova was stellar. Weaver was confused about how much the Yanks knocked the shit outta him. The Yanks were 5 FOR FREAKING 8 WITH RISP!!! Unbelievable. Even when they're firing on all cylinders, teh most I usually hope for outta them is like 3 for 9 or something. The hell has gotten into them? I'm into it. Woot woot.

This was just an all around stellar performance by our boys in a time when it's inordinately needed. Grandy was 2 for 3, Cano 4 for 4, Steward 2 for 4, A-So 20 for 20, etc etc. The lineup was perfectly arranged, when you think about it. Hits from all parts of the order in the most apropos time.

And the best part? The Socks lost to the Blue Jays. Yanks are 5 games outta the WC, and this weekend's series is gonna be a Stockpiling-of-Pepto type of weekend. Oh yeah, there's the whole P-Hu game today we gotta tend to, but I'll be down at Novartis during the game. So I'm hoping when I turn my phone on post-client-meeting that it doesn't explode with shit like "DAMMIT HUGHES" and the like.

Cheers, boys. Keep going. Oh, and just for fun, here's a piece/song I wrote on the Angels in the 2009 ALCS.

Si vos es iens per infernum, custodi eundo.


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