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The Arizona Cardinals are poised to make history should they win Super Bowl XLIII. As the team with the worst regular season to ever win the NFL title, surpassing last year's Giants (10-6) and the 1988-89 49ers. 

I'm predicting the Jets go 8-8 next year and raise [sic] the bar. 

I love the fact the Cardinals are going to Tampa (I mean, I'd rather it be Big Blue, but seriously is there any fan outside of Pittsburgh NOT rooting for Arizona?) I love the fact the Patriots laid into them Week 17 and showed em who's boss. And I love the fact the desert boys cannot even be compared to the Poster Children for Gritty Underdogs. I love the fact they're threatening to throw a monkey wrench in the "defense prevails in playoffs" contention. And I love the fact they don't play the tortured ring-drought card. If they win on February 1, who's next in line to the Cubs for this dubious category? Is Chicago right now acting like Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful, all pissed off at Arizona for trying to escape their Loser Tier for bigger, better and glitzier things, the Lea Thompson/Super Bowl status?

In terms of their opposition, the Steelers aren't doing anything for their terrifying brutality rep when the Invincible Man is leaving the field on a stretcher, unmoving. Not to sound heartless, but I have a feeling I will anyway, a little part of me felt bad for Steelers fan at the game. Their team just won the AFC title, but knowing how critical people are of, well, everything, there is no doubt in mind that the Terrible Towel-ers had to face their fair share of "I can't believe you can be cheering like this when your player almost killed a man." Or even worse, "Yeah, well enjoy the win of default. Our star RB only needed another 50 seconds to bury you, the only reason you won was because you took him out." 

Two great games though. Yesterday also reinforced the notion that sports fans should be nice to people on their way up...because you'll see them on your way down.

..Cough... EAGLES....cough...


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