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Still not going to kill anyone yet, because at the end of the game I saw* the Yanks being the Yanks again. Which can either amount to "You gotta be f'n kidding me, are they really making this comeback? Am I really at this game??" OR "Shocking. They decide to rely on big bats in the last 2 innings of the game. Which is nice, except for the part where THEY DIDNT SHOW UP FOR THE OTHER 6 INNINGS."

(Not my words. Just saying, is all.)

It is indeed hard to actually assess what my favorite team is looking like right now. Seeing as I'm extrapolating my high-level analysis from not even GameDay, but StatTracker. But mostly just my gut instincts. Teixiera pulls this slow start crap every year. But in fairness, if I get into work at 9:30, I'm having a tough time getting my head in the game til around 11.

Speaking of head in the game, I can't wax optimistic about the irrelevance of the "troubling" 0-2 start, because I am indeed still at the office and ACL-surgery bound in about 7 hours. Which means I only have about 45 minutes left of inhaling the leftover fried chicken dinners from Brother Jimmy's.

So basically I'm terrified of 2 scenarios when I'm under the knife (or arthroscope, as the case may be):
1.) Chicken at the 11th hour being a bad idea.


2.) Watching this movie an even worse idea.

And post-op, I'm terrified of this scenario:

1.) Having so much leg gear that I look like this guy.

On the plus side, I have the matching head gear.

Who's up tomorrow? A.J.? I like my odds here.


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