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Hey hey. I've been lax on the posting the last few days, in part due to the lack of baseball and partly due to the fact I'm still bringing my health/well-being back to a respectable level, but that's no excuse.

Anyways, just wanted to thank everyone for reading over the season. Seriously. It was really cool and, I mean, I would have written even if no one was reading, but the fact that there were people who actually DID made it even more enjoyable.

(Especially you guys who always made a point to comment and egg on my craziness!! Jim ny/Strange and his many monikers/Iowa Jeff/Mike Glass/Recalled Toys/John M./UNC guy/d_c guy/Deron/Ramondo/Jennifer V./George H./Joey R./Eric W./Jeffrey W.K./Pooser/Brian S./Jerry M./Frankie the Sports Guy... thank you!!! :)

Anyways, so I'm headed out to Chicago (which is kind of funny since I got stuck out there the weekend of April 3, when I had tickets to the Cubbie exhibition game in the Bronx, and had to give the tix away and miss my first game in it's like I'm really getting closure to the season now by heading out there.)

But I'll still be posting here, just not as periodically. Unfortunately (or fortunately, it's tough to say), I don't calm down a WHOLE lot in the offseason season, so there always seems to be something to rant about. (Sigh. Big Blue.)

And of course, there's all the off-season hot stove stuff. Actually, I'm thinking about it, what am I talking about. As if I'm ever at a loss for baseball stuff to talk about. You know what I mean. But the point is, I'll still be writing, probably around 3 times a week, more or less depending on the week.

It's like Connie Mack said, "No matter what I talk about, it always comes back to baseball."

Cheers to the off-season (sort of. I feel like I'm experiencing that thing pregnant women get after they have kids. Post-baby-depression or something. I miss baseball, but I imagine it leaving me like Patrick Swayze left Demi Moore at the end of Ghost. "It's amazing, Molly! The love take it with you.")

Well, it's good to know the off-season hasn't tempered my completely unnecessary dramatics.


  1. Anonymous said...
    You're welcome - happy to be along for the ride. I hope that Chicago is good to you, and your health issues smooth out quickly. Someday you'll have to tell me how you managed to tear your ACL.

    As for Big Blue, I have no sympathy. Why? Because I'm a Redskins' fan. Yeah.

    John, aka d_c_guy
    jimm ny said...
    Arrgh still have a hangover from the season and G-Men and Rangers are sending me into a pre-pardum depression...Had to stop reading you at the Voice for ethical reasons, and I would get side tracked with the NSFW photos to the right of your posts...Any way try to leave Chicago in one peice will ya! You stay Crazy Chick...
    Jason said...
    This is a great sports blog you have here. I have two sports blogs myself. I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around. We sports bloggers have to stick together.

    Let me know if this is possible.

    jimm ny said...
    Bueller ?, ...Bueller ?,... Bueller ?,....hey CYC where are you ?, the hot stove is heating up...
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