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I can't sleep because I'm too excited about the parade. So I'm all showered up and ready to go. I went outside to get a newspaper to eat up even more Yankee coverage, and my doorman in my building was like, "hm you're up early. Or um late?"
And I told him I was too excited to sleep, and I'm just realizing that he probably thought I was heading downtown to just, like, wait on the corner of broadway until the parade starts in 6 hours.

I'll be back later today with my "recap" of the Canyon of Heroes!!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am so envious of the fact that you are at the parade today. It's been fun reading your blog since I found it through Pinstripe Alley. Today is a day to CELEBRATE #27!!! Dance on the tables, scream, shout, and cheer - you have the whole weekend to celebrate (and recover)!

    Tomorrow we can start to focus on when pitchers and catchers report ... and #28 :D

    Jason from The Heartland said...
    Great that you got to go to the parade which, by all the pictures I saw, looked to be a packed, joyous affair. What a great championship run the Yanks had--getting superb pitching in the playoffs, sharp defense, and timely hitting. No one embodied the timely hitting more than A-Rod, who was an absolute monster and forever shed the tag that he couldn't win it all. Gone forever; poof.

    Mariano actually LOWERED his career post-season ERA to 0.74 after going 0.56 this post-season in 16 stellar innings. There is Mariano, and there is everyone else. No other reliever in the history of the game compares.

    Amazing that Jeter's .407 Series average got overshadowed. Great season for the Captain.

    Matsui was a terror in the World Series; so great to have his bat back for Game 6, one of the greatest performances in World Series history.

    C.C. was a STUD through and through, really setting the tone for a terrific staff from the break onward, constantly taking the ball into the seventh and eighth, working efficiently, and always giving them a chance to win. Tremendous acquisition.

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