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I can't even write about this. This was undoubtedly the worst moment of the season in my humble, CYC opinion.

And unlike the game before, I was awake to see it.

Before I moved into the city in 2003, I was taking the train from Tarrytown into NY, and the last train back to T-town left at 1:20am. Every time I took it, I always fell asleep. Yet my body somehow ALWAYS woke me up right before I got to my stop. It was pretty convenient.

(I lost this ability some time in the last 7 years though, since there have definitely been times when I woke up at Bowling Green after taking the 4 train back from Yankee Stadium.)

The point is, it's amazing how your internal alarm clock works.

It was like it KNEW Mariano Rivera was coming in, and it was saying, hey wake up! Your favorite all time player is coming in! Good news! Everything's gonna be alright.

Except...not this time.

Hey, we can't expect Mo to be perfect ALL the time. He's not a machine. (Which he loves to tell us whenever he blows a save.)

But it's one thing for him to give up a walkoff hit. It's an entirely different thing for him to give up a walkoff pitch.

The Rangers won for the 2nd time in a row on a walkoff. Now I know how the Twins felt last year whenever they played us. This is getting unstomachable.

It was bad enough that the game was mind-numbingly slow. I have to parrot Michael Kay here (you KNOW it's a bad day when you're uttering that statement), when he said, "People keep saying this is like a playoff preview and a postseason atmosphere, and don't get mad at me for saying this. But I certainly HOPE not. Because not for nothing but these last 2 games have been like watching paint dry."

Seriously. Amen, brother.

The rain delay didn't help the momentum any.

Including the delay, the game lasted 5 hours and 15 minutes. Which followed a 5 hour 12 minute game the night prior. So by my math, that means 10 and a half hours of excrutiatingly painful baseball.

Speaking of painful, I'd like an investigation into Jeff Francoeur's HBP.

Cough...Roger Dorn...Major League..."Come on, Roger...take one for the team"....cough

Alright. I can't go into detail in this game. It's too painful.

The Giants game is on. And they just picked off Carolina in the end zone. So maybe things are looking up?

Poor Mo. I'm so sad, I'm gonna go against everything I believe in and use an emoticon.



  1. Dave H. said...
    Kinda like Smokey Robinson, I will second that emoticon. :(
    Uncle Mike said...
    I don't like this... As a Democrat, I don't like Texas. As a New Jersey Devils fan, I hate all teams called Rangers, especially if they wear blue shirts. (I also don't like the Glasgow soccer team.) And as a Yankee Fan, I'm not scared, but I am disgusted.

    Time for the Pinstripes to step up and be the Bronx Bombers and to pitch effectively, too, because 13 of the last 19 games are against the Deviled Eggs and the Red Scum. Throw in the Pesky Blue Jays (I seriously think "pesky" should be part of their team name), and that's 16 of the last 19. And the Buck-revived Orioles are no pushovers, either, so we've got a tough last 19.

    Tarrytown? Nice little place. Too bad you gotta climb up a nasty hill to get from the Metro-North station to town. And down that hill to get back. I made the mistake of making my last visit after a snow day, and that hill was treacherous. But a nice place and a Yankee town.

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