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This is gonna be quick.

You know why I think I'm not going crazy with panic and worry?

Because of a principle that is supported by a study done at Columbia, about jam tasting. (Humor me.)

In this first field experiment, consumers shopping at an upscale grocery store encountered a tasting booth which displayed either a limited (6), or an extensive (24) selection of different flavors of jam. The two dependent measures of customers' motivation were their initial attraction to the tasting booth and their subsequent purchasing behavior.

So basically they showed all these shoppers jams. When there were less choices of jam, they bought one. When there were a million choices, no one bought any.

This is relevant because...

I can't decide what I'm most worried about:
  • Offense (Why does every game seem to spend a good hour and half with a big zero in our runs column?)
  • Starters (I think the deadline has officially past for "How Long Can We Wait For _____ To Win Our Confidence?")
  • Overall ability to overcome adversity (Not only do I not have the characteristic 2009 faith that we can overcome a 10-run deficit in the 9th inning with 2 outs, but I don't even have a garden variety confidence in holding onto multi-run leads. I know, I know. But sadly, it's kind of how I feel right now.)

HOWEVAH, I do feel one thing stronger than everything else.

And that is that I trust them.

It's the Yankees.

I'll leave with this before stepping out to watch tonight's game, where we undoubtedly clinch the playoff berth. (Except...change every "Duck" to "Yankees.")


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