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Supernova got tagged with the loss, but we all know who screwed this up for the Yankees. You know how there's some people you REALLY don't want to lose a game to? Like you really don't want Manny Ramirez to take you deep in the bottom of the 9th at Fenway? Or strike out looking against Papelbon? (Fortunately, neither of these are possible anymore..)

Similarly, I HATE watching Mo get in trouble. He looks so sad and helpless the few times it actually happens. He doesn't stomp his feet or pound his glove or get angry. Or, if he does, it's in private. All we see is the best closer in baseball, and one of the classiest guys in the game, look sullen and confused.

The weird part about this was that none of us thought THIS was going to be the problem. Kind of like when I took my driving test and I practiced parallel parking for WEEKS beforehand. And then I nailed it. No smoother parallel parking job had ever been executed in the history of life. So you can imagine my surprise when I'm told I failed.

Not only did I fail, but I apparently had broken nearly every traffic law known to mankind in the process. Speeding, wrong way in 1-way street, ran a stop sign, etc. The instructor's exact words were, "I actually feared for my life while in a car with you."

Ok, a simple "F" would have sufficed. The melodrama wasn't necessary.

Similarly, the bases loaded situation in the 6th that was cruelly handed over to Robertson was like the parallel parking nightmare.

AJ Burnett left after walking Nix to load the bases, but Robertson fanned Escobar and Snider to escape the jam.

Speaking of melodrama, Snider snaps his bat over his thigh like it's a toothpick, then hurled the pieces into the dirt in cinematic fashion. I love it when players break bats. It's so badass. Unfortunately, it usually happens after they strike out or pop up. Which is the opposite of badass.

Add this to my list of things I want to see happen in a game sometime: player snapping bat over his thigh after he goes yard.

The game was nip and tuck for a while, the runs started with Bautista's solo shot. (Speaking of Bautista, check out this nutso's website and Youtube page. I use nutso in the most affectionate way possible, of course. I'm bordering on mad she lives in Canada so I can't hang out with her.)

The game broke open (as much as it would, anyway) with the "TEXT MESSAGE" 2-run ding. Things got shady in the 6th, as I mentioned, and if I didn't like AJ (but I do), I'd make some Knicks comparison here, about the longevity of his effectiveness in games. Moving on..

Encarnacion drives in a run to close the gap to 1 run. D-Rob saves us from an implosion, Something Sort of Grandish goes deep with perhaps the sweetest, nicest swing I've seen all year. Just real poetry. Seriously.

Then all us Yankee fans start cheering because the game's over, no? Mariano Rivera's coming in. Done and done. You know how good a closer is when you're not even scared of jinxing it by saying things like, "What's the worst that could happen?" etc.

Well, I guess we all learned an important lesson about jinxes last night.

I don't even know what happened. Basically, Mo imploded.

The rally snapped Rivera's streak of 17 1/3 scoreless innings in April, a run that stretched back to April 30, 2009.

"That's the thing about Mo, he's not perfect but he's close to it," Teixeira said.

That's true. He is. And the thing about baseball is, we play again today. I already forgot about the extra innings walkoff. Sort of.


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