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Well, yeah this is a little late. I have an excuse though, and for the first time in a year, it's not because of work.

It's because I treated my body like an amusement park all weekend.

Particularly Saturday.

Which means that this recap may or may not have accuracy since I was in and out of sleep for most of yesterday.

One of those days when you start watching the game in the first inning, and I'm all proud of myself for waking up before sundown, and I'm eating my Italian sub and ruffled potato chips and downing a 2 liter of pepsi and chewing on aspirin...

And before I know it, I wake up and there's a sub with 2 bites taken out of it, an empty bottle of pepsi, and my cat sleeping on a potato chip bag, and it's the 7th inning.

I got a lot to cover, seeing as Saturday's game lasted about 124 days. It was my first game at the stadium IN A YEAR. That's right. The last time I was at Yankee Stadium was last year, for the annual Krista, Keith, Pollina outing in May.

It was just as much as circus as it was the first 2 times we did it. Fortunately, I would write things down on an envelope as they transpired, to assist me in writing the recap. Unfortunately, a day later, none of it makes sense to me.

The ones I can decipher (the handwriting anyway, not the context. Not even a little bit):

"My point is this: what are we being for Halloween? Furies."

"Btw, Family Dollar Store? Free toilet paper."

"You can't attack players, not like the old days."

"I got to stick this bumper sticker on a cop... [5 minutes later]..I asked a cop what the chances are of me putting a bumper sticker on his car and he said, 'None. None whatsoever.'"

So, basically, what I'm getting from this chicken-scratched account, is that Saturday's game was not only the Yankees successfully sidestepping their a loss, but also Keith successfully sidestepping an arrest.

It was an amazing day overall. One of my favorite parts in particular was leaving the game, making friends with the fellow Yank fans on the 4 train (Standard Operating Procedure in the postgame), and having one (Andy, I think?) say "let's sing! What's your favorite song?"

"Well, it's We Are the Champions, but that may be kind of aggressive for a regular season win--"

But before I could finish, he had stirred up the subway car in a rousing rendition of We Are the Champions. Which is just hilarious when it's done with such earnest and raw happiness...after a 5-4 win in May. I love Yankee fans.

I also was pretty psyched about the fact Krista spent her time in NYC kicking everyone's ass in every single bar game known to mankind, the fact that we've still yet to get in trouble for the Beer Bucket creation, and the fact that, of course, the Yankees won. Life is good.
Yesterday, Granderson continued his amazingness (and indirectly continued to lobby for Kevin Long's place in our hearts).

Hitting coach Kevin Long has spent countless hours with Granderson, and at one point called the changes "a total reformation of his swing." And the reformation seems to be working, with Granderson now hitting .281 with eight homers and 18 RBIS.

Not back, Kevin. Not bad.

Grandy's 3-run blast won the game for the boys, after Cervelli's game tied it up in the 5th, at 2-2. Shortly thereafter, Something Kind of Grandish takes Litsch deep to make it 5-2, and that's the end of the scoring for both teams. Mo gets his 10th save because he's awesome, the Yanks stay atop the AL East because they're awesome, and life resumes without a hitch for the Yankee fan.

The same cannot be said for Phil Hughes who is in a Good News Bad News place right now. The good news: he may not have dead arm after all! The bad? He may have thoracic outlet syndrome, a rare circulatory disorder that could be causing his pronounced drop in velocity.

So..that sucks. In the interest of ending things on a happy note, though, the rest of the team looks fantastic. Russel Martin=what a pick up! The bats are alive with the sound of runs. The arms are doing their job. And the Red Sux?

Dead last.


(Always leave 'em laughing!)

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