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Message from Glenn after Brandon Moss's game tying homerun: "I'm sorry, but this is exciting!"

Response from me: "I hate you."

It's only exciting if you end up winning. Glenn is one of the few Yankee fans I know whos fanatacism isn't tempered by a desire for "excitement." I don't want exciting games. I want blow-outs.

The phenomenon about "excitement" is that it's almost a Catch 22. NYSportsJerk and I will talk about February 3, 2008, because we both agreeed it was the best day of both our lives. But at the time, neither of us really appreciated that.

It was an exciting game, we can say that now. But during the game, that "excitement" is lost on you if you're white-knuckled or trying to hold back anxiety vomit, lest the nerves get the best of you and you're making a mess through your Giants' helmet mouthguard.

I know, standard game-watching problems.

I can appreciate a good baseball game, but within reason. The Yankees blowing a 1-run lead in the ninth, when the O's had already finished off Boston...Glenn must have nerves of steel, or else just a really, really sunny disposition.

It's like when my mom and dad will be on some quasi-long road trip somewhere and they invariably get lost. My mom laughs when she's nervous, and my dad finds someone to blame when he's nervous.

"Thomas, this is fun! It's an adventure!"

My dad reacts to this without as much delight as I do to Glenn's insistence on how exciting this all is!

It sucks that couldn't even get the W out of an AMAZING start. He finally gets a good one, too. I wonder how much that bothers pitchers, not getting the W despite getting the quality start and team win.

The thing about baseball players is that even though they catalogue their stats with unrelenting precision, the premium they place on it is never discernible. Not like basketball. (cought...Pippen...cough).

Just another wonderful thing about our pasttime! (Sunny disposition, check.)

No guts=no glory.
Alright, quick one because the 1:00 game is already about to start. (That's what she said?)

Fatso blanks 11, walks 2, metabolizes nothing.

Grandy sac flies in a run, 1-0 game in the 4th. Jarrod Parker's first start in GNH was a good--nay, excellent--showing.

"Toe-to-toe" with the big guy, except if you try to picture this, it's funny because I'm imagining Round Boy's gut providing about 3 feets of cushioning, making a toe-to-toe situation nearly impossible.k

Moss jacks one off R-So in the 9th, which induces a collection groan from the bar. Also, induced me to throw the stuffed husky I won at the San Gennaro festival.

This was frowned upon. I'm not saying I was kicked out, or asked to leave, but let's just say, I thought it was a good time to exit.

Kicking ass, taking names.
No one beats me at the water gun game.
Yankees fail to walk one off in the bottom of the 9th, D-Rob comes on and pitches scoreless 10th (another pristine performance from him. Thanks, buddy!)

Bottom of the 10th, R-Mart hits a bomb, and boy was it exciting!

THAT was exciting! Being in a NYC bar when a Yankee hits a walk-off during a tight pennant race in September, that's exciting!

The eruption of cheers and hugs and comraderie that envelopes the atmosphere when your team has a walk-off...EXCITEMENT!

But everything up until that point? Hell. Until it's a win, it's hell.

Only THEN, Glenn, is it exciting.


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