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This was not very enjoyable to watch.

If the score was reversed, I'd had liked it more. In the world of bright-side-looking, then I suppose this was a lot better than watching a typical Yankee loss to the Red Socks, which generally involves a 6 hour game that tests the limit of healthy cardiac function, and then ultimately ends in a walk-off against Mo or something, leaving us deflated, immobile, and ruined.

This wasn't like that.

Also, it sucks watching an ace like Kuroda have an off game, but it could have been worse. For some reason, I'd rather see Kuroda lose 6-1 than Phil Hughes do it. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'm more forgiving of the former doing it, whereas watching the latter do it propels me into a frenzy of "TYPICAL. JUST...typical. Dammit, Phil."

Disappointment is not always better than anger. But in this case, it is, I think it is.

This guy would disagree on the disappointment vs anger debate front, though.

Eh, you know what, the whole steroid thing actually worked in my favor last night (yet another reason for me to have no problem with steroids), since people would much rather talk about hgh and cheating etc, than a stupid baseball game, anyway. Phew. I think.

Lackey surprisingly did not bean A-Rod. Not that I wanted him to, of course, but when I saw him walk him, I was like, Yep. That's Boston. Posturing. Talk. Loud. Above all else.


Anyways, the Yanks never showed up yesterday. Except for Overbay and A-So. There were 2 errors, of course, because SeeingEyeChart was in the game. Even though it wasn't technically SeeingEyeChart's fault, he just sort of engenders errors, I swear to God.

In A-Rod Performance News That Mercifully Doesn't Relate to Steroids, he threw up a donut (not literally, although I think my cat might have just done that.) He also made an out at 3rd that was very much an out, but he Carp was called safe.

I've noticed that lately umps have been copping to their mistakes a lot in the next day. Like coming out and saying, "yep I was wrong, I made the wrong call." I like this a lot, it's smart of them really, because it shows they recognize when they are wrong, which is better than an ump who thinks he was right when he was actually wrong, but not as good as an ump who just doesn't get it wrong in the first place.

I haven't really seen any Ump Mea Culpa today, though. Probably because the Yankee organization themselves were like, "Dude, we get it. It's A-Rod. Don't bother." I think the Yanks may be doing that thing that companies do sometimes when they don't want to hurt their employee turnover rate numbers, so instead of firing someone, they just try to make the person quit by virtue of a miserable quality of life.

Whatever, that game was lame dash O.

But at least it wasn't a heartbreaker, I guess. As if it isn't hard enough to stomach a Fox-broadcasted game, it's even worse watching a nice Saturday afternoon baseball game that's about as entertaining and enjoyable as a baby shower.

On a final note, it bears mentioning that Lackey's 8-10 record belies how great the most reliable starter of the team is. That's not my assessment, that's the rest of the baseball viewing world.

From espn:

Lackey's won-loss record hardly shows how good he's been for the Red Sox this season. The team's most dependable starter, Lackey held down New York's resurgent offense and helped Boston break a three-game skid by beating the Yankees 6-1 on Saturday."I think in this case the record doesn't show how well he's pitched and how consistent he's been," manager John Farrell said.

Numbers don't mean anything, I guess. I've been so misinformed. Communists.

In that case, congratulations to the Yankees for their 1-6 win yesterday!

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