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I felt like Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny," when she's meeting Vinny outside the courthouse:

Lisa: What name did you tell him? 
Vinny: Jerry Gallo. 
Lisa: Jerry Gallo! The big attorney. 
Vinny: Yeah. 
Lisa: Think that was a smart move? 
Vinny: Yeah, well, the man's a seriously accomplished lawyer. If he checks up on this guy, his name will come up all over the place. 
Lisa: His name was in the papers all last week. 
Vinny: Yeah, I saw that. 
Lisa: But you didn't actually read the articles. 
Vinny: No 
Lisa: Too bad. 
Vinny: Why's that? 
Lisa: 'Cause he's dead. 

It was a LITTLE like that today when circa 4:00 I have the following conversation:

Boston: And btw, the Bruins are gonna kick the Rangers' ass tonight.
Me: Oh yeah I forget you're a big Bruins fan now. Must be psyched about the game.
Boston: Um YEAH.
Me: Really. 
Boston: Ugh. Why, what is it.
Me: Cause the's game been over for an hour. 


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  1. Anonymous said...
    I may be reading this 8 months late, but that is awesome.

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