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What a heartbreaking loss. Admittedly, I didn't watch a lot of it, because for the first 75% of the game I was too busy watching the Rangers play like they had gone on all night drinking binge the night before. Maybe one of the worst played games I've seen from them in a while. I can't say a single good thing about that game.

And the loss to the Sux may be too fresh in my mind to say anything about that game either. But the game did demonstrate the absolute absurdity of announcing the Player of the Game in the 8th inning. I mean, it's a 2-run game, and so YES decides to decree in bottom of the 8th that the player of the game= the Yankee's bullpen. That's exactly when Bay's 2-run shot tied the game.

Maybe this will discourage all future practice of this wildly jinxing, premature stunt.

I watched the game with a Boston fan, but one of the good natured ilk, who assigns about as much importance to sports as I do to American Idol. (I don't know why I'm flypaper for every f'n Boston transplant in New York City. I date one of them ONCE and now it's like the word is out that "hey she's cool with us." I'm not, for the record, so please nip this fallacy in the bud.)

Actually, this one was ideal to watch the game with, because I knew that if they lost then it wouldn't be as bad because he'd still put me in a good mood and I wouldn't have as much animosity towards Boston as a result. It worked pretty well.

Of course, I wasn't completely spared of obnoxiousness. 15 minutes post-game and I get into a screaming fight with a Sux fan who works downtown (I'm not sure how that character profile could get any more flat out unfavorable short of him telling me he's "one of those people who don't give a shit what people think.") Ultimately, he turned out to be just as interested in making peace as a normal person.

The altercation in question was, surprisingly, not even about the Yankees or Red Sux, but around the Sports Guy.

A $50 bet was made on whether Bill Simmons is now a big Bruins fan. For the record, the superfan99 still owes me $50. But we called it even, and by even I mean we bought each other drinks, and discord between the Hatfields and McCoys was sidestepped in a briefly dramatic and ultimately pleasant manner. (See, Boston fans..though slow and dangerous in public..can serve a purpose!) And me and him both learned an important lesson about tolerance, especially in the face of a beirut game that's being held up because 2 of the players can't get along.

But since Boston fans will not be slowed by logic, the culminaton of this heated debate was that that article proved nothing and that he was leaving unless I paid HIM the $50. Which is basically like a serial killer telling a tied up victim that unless she told him where the sharp butcher knives were, he was going to free her and leave.

This is what I'm up against.

You know what's more aggravating than anything else though? Boston bars in NY. Because that doesn't make sense. All bars in NY are NY bars. By very definition. If Boston's so great and awesome and NY sucks so much, why live her?

Except, instead of "China" it should be "Boston."

It's like when I was in school, and it was like one of the highest percentages of fraternity/sorority pledgement of any school in the country, and there would still be people who didn't pledge who got all huffy about the prominence of Greek houses in the school. What did you think was gonna happen? If you move to NY, it's a safe bet the NY papers are gonna focus on NY sports, the bars are gonna show the Mets/Yanks. The residents are gonna be largely NY-sports-fan.

You're on our turf now. When I visited Boston, a 60-year old woman wouldn't shake my hand because I had a Yankees fleece on. There are no NY bars there.

Deciding to define yourself by the matyred plights of oppression is your own fault.

"He who allows oppression shares the crime."--Erasmus Darwin
You know what's allowing oppression? Purposefully subjecting yourself to it.

My buddy Kyle has emerged as reigning hero in scooping me out of despair. When I was miserably stuck in O'Hare, and in effect missing the April 3 exhibition game, he came to my aid. And last night, amidst the lingering dejection over the Yank game, he did a remarkably effective job of writing it off as a meaningless April game against a team that sucks anyway. Which made me realize that there's something intrinsically wrong with me that I need THAT MUCH moral support over ONE game that my buddies have to pad me with conciliatory texts.

This is just going to be the longest season ever. In a good way.


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