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The Masters did everything to make it palatable to someone like me, who-given the choice-would have rather spooned my eyeballs out with plastic beach spades, than sat through more than 15 minutes of the big golfing thing.

1.) It went into Sudden Death which was somewhat apropos, since the second I realized it was going to last longer than necessary, part of me died a little.

2.) The guy who won= Angel Cabrera. Which meant every time I heard the announcers say anything about Cabrera I immediately thought they were talking about one of the 2,023 Cabrera's in MLB. What a tease. (How come no one's making fun of him for being fat? CC's potential future success with the Yanks is constantly dismissed and snickered at, just because he weighs about as much as Spain. Angel Cabrera blatantly is a baseball player name, and he's roundish, and yet no one touches it.)

The only part of golf I derive any kind of pleasure in, and it's fleeting and minute and does not make watching it in its entirety worth it, is watching the wives of the golfers cheer for their husbands. I just find it so endearing, how they seem so genuinely happy for them. (I'm not listening to any arguments about them being trophy wives. Leave me to the illusion that it's possible for people to being honestly proud and supportive.)

* * *

The Rangers beat the Flyers, sending Philly packing to Pitt for the first round of the playoffs. The Rangers hold on to their 7 seed and slated match with the Caps. I don't know, but I think the Blue Shirts have a decent shot to win that series. Never underestimate the value of momentum.

The Flyers have zero shot againt the Pens. Which is immaterial because the only 2 series anyone's going to be watching anyway= Bruins/Montreal and Sharks/Ducks.

The good news is that since the playoffs don't open til Wednesday, I can stave off sports-related stress for another few days. The bad news is that, unlike the Masters but like Opening Day, the NHL playoffs is something I'd have a vested interest in watching. And will likely miss.

HOWEVER, yesterday I heard my luck was going to change soon. I love predictions!

Second fantasy draft tomorrow. Team "The Coachman" in League "Subway Series 09." I don't like Reyes anymore. I temporarily forgot he played on the Mets when I drafted him with my 3rd pick in my other league. So, there's that. Live and learn.

Why is Obama's dog wearing a lei, btw?


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