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Sweet Christ, the Yanks impoded on all their standard downfalls that I thought were a thing of the past. Despite the fact Joba's pitches looked remarkably sharp and he showed refreshing control, they lost it on fielding lunacy on Swisher's end, very reminiscent of Abreu, (who paradoxically was the key to Anaheim's win against the Sox today).

And, of course, the bullpen. The weird motley crew of setup men who manifest a myriad of problems that the Yanks continue to sweep under the rug, once again was the linchpin of the game's demise. Who are these people? Every time the camera cuts away to the bullpen, I'm always confused as to whether they just grabbed this guy out of the stands. I'm still (barely) a Bruney fan. But after him, where does that leave us? Who's setting up for Mo? Just because Farnsworth has been expunged from the clubhouse doesn't mean the bullpen is magically stable.

I'm still waiting to see exactly what is seen in pitchers like Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, and Phil Coke. As far as I can tell, they should all be shipped off to whatever Island of Misfit Arms that Kei Igawa is currently claiming residence.

Last year Girardi solved a major issue that Torre had perpetuated--the practice of abusing the bullpen so much that they spent more time on than they did honing their changeup. But it's hard to spread out the innings when we quite simply have no bullpen to speak of.

Brett Garnder looked fast, I guess. He finally got some face time with the basepath and parlayed that into the Yanks first run.

F'n Beckett. 6.0o ERA on the day. I had 5 starters in today and between Beckett, Lincecum, Juergens, Joba, and Dempster...18 Ks. The only reason I even have a remote leg up on Team ARod's Hip this week is because the Blue Wizzrobes got Evan Longoria leading some kind of "Pujols-Who" offensive campaign.

I didn't eat any chocolate Easter bunnies or Cadbury eggs or gummy Lifesavers or lamb or chips/dip all day, and my BP went up. Which means that not eating candy is more stressful for me than eating it. 3 days to make a case for normalcy. And for a prize I get a new knee. I'm resorting to a garlic clove and banana diet.


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