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I don't know what's more frustrating...not being able to watch a day game AT ALL because you're stuck in an all day meeting...or watching it on the awkward GameDay broadcast that toys with conventional dimensions of time. It's not exactly live, but not NOT live. It just jumps all over the place, will shoot out 34 pitches at once and then nothing for like 7 minutes. And then it will start tracking stuff that happened 3 innings ago.

So when I'm watching a tied game like today's, I'm wondering if the game has been over for an hour and I just don't know about it. I HATE that feeling. One day a few months ago I turn on the tv to watch a Rangers/Carolina game. And I'm getting all into it, ignoring the confusion in the back of my mind about why they're playing the Hurricanes 2 days in a row. And then ignoring the remarkability of how they're going into overtime for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW WITH A 2-2 SCORE. And I'm doing the standard jumping up off the couch and sitting down at every shot. And then I realize I already saw this game the night before.

Regarding the above picture, it's from a Cleveland game 4 years ago. Me and Laur made the poster my parents are holding up. And coincidentally enough, it ended up being the day Melky hit his first Major League home run. So after the 6th inning, they put the cameras on my parents for a while, and Michael Kay says:

"Look at that--Melk and Rookies Hit the Spot! Now, there's a clever sign!"

And you know if M-Kay says it, it's gotta be legit.

I can't believe Melky hit 2 HRs today, including the game winning walk off. The first GNH walkoff win. Adorable.


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