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I can say that I think they actually might.

A. Is this rhetorical?
B. Or a legitimate question?

I guess A because it has the same area code as me, which means NY which means making fun of how ridiculous it is that Red Sox Nation actually thinks it's a real thing. And from spotty experience of dealing with members of this imaginary faction, I think there probably IS a form for Manny* support resignations.

*Caught cheating.

It kinda reminds me of when I'd go to the bank with my dad when I was little, and when he was waiting on line for the teller, I'd play with the deposit forms and envelopes etc. And pretend I was writing checks and doing important office work. (I'm sure the Citibank employees just loved this. No wonder they made such a big online banking campaign--if for nothing else, it minimized the number of batty toddlers scribbling all over their deposit forms in the bank lobby.)

And that's how I imagine "RSN"--a bunch of toddlers making pretend busines cards and using Sesame Street phones and Fisher Price ovens and eating Playdoh spaghetti...and thinking it's real.


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