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If I think about how much it costs to watch games out at bars, between the pitchers and chicken fingers and potato skins and sliders, and also the amount it costs to actually go to a game to get the full experience of being in a ballpark, between the tickets, and the hot dogs and popcorn buckets and beer...then this investment will ultimately pay itself off in dividends. Because once this thing is sitting pretty 5 feet from my tv (and the rest of my apartment will be redecorated/restructured to revolve solely around this sick piece of furniture), I will probably never have any need or desire to leave my living room, let alone my apartment. I may have to get it surgically attached or something. Like fashion of wheelchair-type device out of it so I can maximize my time in the stadium. Well, as much as that can be done without actually being in the stadium. This was the same loony tunes reasoning that served as the backbone of my other sound interior design move.


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