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Have there been more than a normal amount of close calls? CC keeps getting closer and closer. And AJ had literally ONE bad pitch last night.

And I just realized that the last time there was a 1-hit game by the Yanks, I was there, too. June 30, 2006. Mike Mussina was pitching amazingly. Absolutely stunning. Then the skies opened and there was a monsoon, and Cone Moose is not, so I was shocked he even returned to the game after having to suffer through that little 63-minute rain delay hiccup.

I also remember committing on of my finer moments of idiocy, later texting the guy who took me to the game: "Hey, thank you so much for going to game with me. Call me when you get good." Yeah, "good" is the same thing as "home" in predicative text. Should have proofread.

I think I would be so mortified if I had to watch the Yankees sit through a perfect game or no hitter. But on the flip side of the coin, sitting through 7 innings of tension last night was pretty brutal, too. After about 4 or 5, I stopped being all "Wow! What a great night! Baseball in the summer! Woohoo!" and started being like, "WHY ARE THERE PEOPLE TALKING RIGHT NOW? DIEDIEDIE" I'm a real pleasure sometimes.

ESPN is currently airing the Mets-Yanks game, so I'm not much more convivial tonight. I hope I get to hear more about how 3 to zero means that one team has scored 3 runs and the other team has not. I'm not kidding, this is real in-game analysis from the only people involved in the game with more ineptitude than Chien Ming Wang.


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