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"I will sleep tonight. But I will not do so before the game's over."

(That's what I wrote at 10:51pm last night.)

Many of you have emailed me re: the completely ridiculous sleep hours I've been keeping during the delightful Seattle series, whether it's to express blithe amusement over my incoherence, or to offer gentle advice about the virtues of some shut-eye.

Well, it turns out, that it is actually MORE dangerous for me to SLEEP than not sleep.

Which sucks.

I passed out on the couch last night around 11pm--I 100% predicted the couch would be the death of all things sleep, btw.:

SPEAKING OF! My days of radio are over until the next time I have to stay late
at the office anyway. But my days of radio-at-home are over! MLB EXTRA INNINGS IS OFFICIALLY BACK IN MY LIFE! And with advent of my couch tomorrow, my days of passing out in uncomfortable positions with the TV on is also back in my life. Tonight I shall celebrate the last good night’s sleep I’ll see in a while.
Ah, August 7. The last memory of a good night's sleep.

So, last night I don't fight the tired. I don't chug soda and pound sour candy. I just let it happen. And then this is what comes out of my forfeit to the night:

I didn't have a single alcoholic drink last night. I just got up to go to the bathroom. And then very aggressively walked into a door frame. (I don't know how fast I was walking to hit it so hard, but don't sleepwalkers stumble around lightly and faintly? How come I walk around like the superstudent bolting to class with his trapper keeper?)

So here's how the game recap is gonna go. My cousin Jeremy and his friend Alden were in attendance last night, and kept me posted throughout the game, even through my responselessnes that ensued at my konking out. (Thank you both, big time.)

The following messages and pictures (coupled with YES Encore this morning at 8am) have assisted me in piecing together the night.
(I hate when hungover people say they're trying to "piece together the night." But I think I hate myself even more for having to do so solely because I'm too much of an idiot to know how to balance west coast game hours with appropriate sleep habits befitting of a 28-year old adult.)

9:04 (Jeremy)
There's a priest watching BP. Hope he blessed us.
9:07 (Jeremy)
Joba taking BP. Just hit 5 dings, one past the 385 sign!

9:07 (Alden)
Get some sleep tonight!!

9:53 (Jeremy)
Big boos for ARod

9:59 (Jeremy)
Great hot dogs here!!

10:28 (Kevin)

10:55 (Jeremy)
Some guy has a sign that has Sterling's dumb tex message call

10:57 (Jeremy)
Jerry Hairston HR could be hairstonian blast?

11:10 (Jeremy)
That Ichiro catch was right in front of us!!

11:38 (Jeremy)
Some kid just randomly won 48 lbs of gummy bears. Thank God it wasn't me

12:13 (Jeremy)
That was a bad call

12:13 (Strange)
Wow, Robertson got away with that one

12:27 (Jeremy)
They have something called a shishkaberry here

12:41 (Jeremy)
Swish was making vulgar gestures to a heckler

12:53 (Jeremy)
The last 9 M's 2 make and out none put it in play

1:03 (Jeremy)
Person wearing ichirm [sic] jersey and giant tiger mask

The last text I sent last night was around 11:15pm and said the following (to Strange):
heyyy just woke up frommm passing out on couch. hadnnt had a drink all night eaked ditno rer 244424444444442.

So basically, to sum up:
  • The Yankees won.
  • Ichiro made an incredible running catch that my cousin was close to (I remember seeing that one.)
  • Somekid hit the jackpot with 48 lbs of gummy bears.
  • I question my cousin's sanity for not being interested in said jackpot.
  • Swish takes it to the next level, in terms of well-timed homeruns and inappropriateness
  • Mariners fans like to mix it up, attire-wise
  • Robertson threw a non-strike, strike that got him out of jam?
  • Food at safeco is noteworthy
  • Between Mitre and our Bullpen That's Wondering if They're Getting Close to Liberated From Their Prior Reputation, the Yanks let up 2 runs.
  • The Yankees are 7.5 games ahead of the Red Sox.
Lastly, I finished unpacking. And I thought it bears mentioning that the first thing I packed was the last thing I unpacked. Due largely to the fact I have no idea where the hell I'm going to put them. The floor works well, I guess.

Oh, and I'm sorry about this completely bootleg recap. My head hurts. But I figure I logged enough sleep last night to tide me over for days. We're back in business today!


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