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Exactly how bad are we talking about here, Gaudin? NYY is the underdog against Oakland. Sweet Christ.

In the words of Tommy Boy...


  1. Strange said...
    His last start (vs WSox) aside, Anderson has been great since late June, is a top prospect, and is at home.
    Gaudin had a pretty nice hot stretch going for a while, but I don't think this is unreasonable, CYC.

    Also, unrelated, but Peavy not going to be ready for the series here next weekend = me no happy. Oh well.
    Pooser said...
    I love the fact that Gaudin quieted all the nay-sayers :-) I think he will be a good edition in the 5th spot of the rotation. He has the offense to back him up in the game he doesn't do so well in. Plus, on another note, it's another reason to keep the incredible Hughes in the bullpen where he's been tearin' it up!
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    yeah 1 hit in almost 5IP= not too shabby. 5 BBs was a bit concerning but let he who has not been wild cast the first stone.

    Not literally though.

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