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I'm not exactly what one might call "fashionable." So when it comes to clothes, I'm in lockstep with the older folks still scratching their heads over "the google."
My sister, on the other hand, is good at that stuff. Which is why I defaulted to her on this one:
What is going on with Pedro Martinez here?
  • Scrubs?
  • Dress?
  • Man shirt? Woman shirt?
  • Lipstick?? Earrings??
I swear to God, he looks like someone in the penultimate stages of a sex change. Like when they have to take all this estrogen for a while before the actual operation. I'm not kidding. I bet if we asked Katelynn from the Real World to weigh in on this, she'd concur.
My sister's expert assessment:
"That's a woman's shirt. And soccer mom pants. What the hell is going on? Pedro still plays baseball? For the Phillies? Huh?"
"Yeah, he's guest bartending basically."


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