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Yeah, Youkilis is approaching Izzy status. Haven't seen a ballplayer get this psychotic in like 10 years. Of course, Youkilis needs to fetter himself a bit. I think there are some things ballers can do that are badass, like cracking a bat over their knees. Or giving the Vlad Look upon getting hit by a pitch. Or knocking a 3-0 pitch outta the park.

But charging the mound and throwing a helmet is like on par with throwing a shitfit because your boyfriend is flirting with another girl at a bar, so you starting screaming at him. Or her. In public. Until both of you get booted from the bar.

It's such a little bitch move. Get over it, and stop being so sensitive. And if it really bothers you, the best way to retaliate is to act like you don't care and then later on talk to some other guy in the bar, aka take the pitcher deep next time around. That'll bother him a lot more than a flying helmet.

My sister alleges that there was something on ESPN covering this fight, where ESPN basically was saying that the only thing Youk did wrong here was not adhere to the rules of war. ("Yeah, the story line at the bottom of the screen was very Larry-King-esque. Like 'Youkilis behavior conflicts with league brawling regulations' or something like that.")

Good knowledge, sis. She also wished that this somehow played out, would have given the whole thing even more staying power.

And lastly, someone comments on the NYSJ site complaining about the rampant Youk blogging (for better or for worse, but I'd say most are "worse.")

Well played, NYSJ. But the most bizarro part of this is that the "duche" [sic] makes the most ridiculous stab at the Yankees. I checked out his soxtherapy website, and here's what I get:

Shouldn't this be posted on a NY fan site?

My sister's take, once again:

  • "Well, that guy isn't false. It does pretty much say it all:
  • The fact he went out of his way to look this up
  • He spelled "douche" wrong
  • He couldnt even come up with the desired anti-Yankee propanda.

Here's what you were probably going for, SoxTherapy:


  1. Psoxchotherapist said...

    Again - Sums it up for me.
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Um, I don't really get it. But I suppose it makes as much sense as your "duche" points for consistency, I guess?

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