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Today came straight out of the book of "Days I Wish I Could Emphatically Say TGIF, If I Didn't Hate That Expression With the Passion of 1000 Suns." Or "Specific Uses for the Delorean That Are Even More Valuable Than Sports Betting Purposes. Chapter I: Knowing Which Days to Get Out of Bed."

That said, everything brightened significantly courtesy my coworker David:

"I went out to lunch and saw this on the street and thought you'd appreciate it."

So much appreciated.


  1. jimm ny said...
    "SOXUCK" Sweeter than sweet

    Damon on the FAN today with Francesa, He said Yanks offer was 7million a year 2 year deal, before Johnson signed then nothing more than "talks" between the two sides.
    Then again he talks in circles and uses alot of words while saying nothing, kinda like Minaya.
    When I heard the news I felt like that youtube "Hitler" video finding out Scott Brown won Mass. Senate election

    Oh well, Damon we hardly knew ye.

    Word verification is "poosifi"
    Anonymous said...
    That's my car! LOL - glad you like it!
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    OH MY GOD! I'm sorry! do you want me to take it down?? Haha small world! And yes, I LOVE IT! You should know that that made my day, I work in Union Sq and was jealous I didn't stumble upon it myself!

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