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...this is pure gold:

From the NY Daily News

Security guard Gerald Tacopino pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking Shea Stadium bases and seats while he was supposed to be looking for looters during last year's demolition.

During a hearing in Queens Criminal Court, Tacopino, 44, agreed to pay back the $842.50 the items fetched on eBay. He's also been banned from Citi Field for a year.

Tacopino's lawyer, Michael McClellan, said his client mistakenly believed the Mets had no use for the memorabilia.

"It was in a pile of junk," McClellan said. "He thought wrong."

The city received the lion's share of proceeds from the sale of Shea memorabilia as part of an agreeement with the team. The Mets donated their share to various charities.

He ganked a bunch of bases of seats and $842 for it? Oh my God, the unintentional comedy of this guy scheming to make a small fortune off his "memorabilia" and then collecting the same amount that ONE seat for Yankee stadium sells for?

Can it any closer resemble Kenny Powers' foray into ebay? Nope.

In the security guard's defense, he did think it was all junk. I'm a bit stunned this wasn't a viable grounds for case dismissal.


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