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I can't believe the Yankees are almost back in my life again. It makes me giddy.

Still a little behind schedule, as I only did about 90% of the right side of the wall and still havent filled in all the straight lines. I tried to. I realllly tried to. But around 4am I started to fall asleep standing up. Which is somewhat of a liability when I'm clutching a can of charcoal grey paint and paintbrush laden with said hue. So at that point, I begrudgingly called it quits. Or my body did, anyway.

When I got back to my apartment after an evening of reliving Week 17 of the 2o08 season, I was running on fumes and was about 3 minutes from collapsing on the bed, until I thought about my junior year of college, when I had registered for this creative writing independent study course where the whole semester worked towards writing a short novel.

So of course every Sunday when I was supposed to be writing a new chapter, I was watching football instead and telling my buddies that I'd just "write 2 chapters next week." Then "ok, next Sunday definitely, I'm going to catch up and write 3." Then 12 weeks later, I get an email from the professor saying, "Kris, I haven't received any writing from you all semester. It says you're still registered for this class, though. Please see me."

For 3 days before the last day of the semester, I holed up in the Business School library (because I wouldn't get distracted by any of the books there) and wrote for essentially 72 straight hours until I "finished" a 156 page piece. And I think I could die happy if I never have to a.) do anything like that again and b.) never find this manuscript in the back of my closet or something and pick it up and read it. I have no electronic version of it, and I think if I ever found it, I'd probably put a match to it just to avoid the cringe-apalooza that would ensue from revisiting it.

Which is why I pushed through the tired last night and painted. Also, I want to go out and get after it on Sunday since I'm off Monday.

Yes, quite the life I've carved out for myself.

Today is already awesome because not only is it Friday, but we're only 5 DAYS AWAY FROM BASEBALL SEASON!


  1. jimm ny said...
    Those last couple of chapters must have been hilarious, you could have fallen asleep on the key board and not noticed, or the ole' repeater word to extend the word count trick ( I liked this book very very very very much...)and in your sleep deprived haze not even noticed.

    Wish I could comment on your work of art, but I got the old red x when the pic does not download(work computers stink)

    Now NHL is soon to go down on the Olympic break arrggh, when is first Spring game, not soon enough.
    Rangers should be sellers and reload for next year get rid of a big contract and Sather and start anew.

    Your right its Friday and the shovelling is done from Snowapalozza, so enjoy the weekend CYC. Nice T-shirts you should make Snuggies too...later
    jimm ny said...
    Hey, CC Sabathia is signing Upper East Side at Last Licks Ice Cream

    its a Steinerspotrs booking big Giant showing at Steinerfest II
    if your into that...later
    Crazy Yankee Chick said...
    Hahaha, yeah trust me you would NOT have wanted to read any part of that "book." I don't remember much about it since it's like a repressed memory, but it was called "A Mindless Education" and the main character was named Ollie and he was in love with someone named Lucy who had one brown eye and one green eye. Real riveting stuff.... I stick to sports now, I don't have the imagination for fiction!

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