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Day 11 (Friday) didn't see much in the way of productivity. Specifically, none. It sort of evened itself out on Day 12, I guess. Kind of like re-assigning different "effort percentages" to each player on a basketball team, so that all 5 add up to an even 100%. Which is a practice I wholeheartedly am on board with. After "stepping up to the plate," "playing 110%" is a good, solid choice for Most Inane Expression That Not Only Doesn't Mean Anything, But Possibly is Diluting Your Desired Communication Objection.

(How can you play more than 100%? And if you can, than why only 10% extra? Morons.)

Ah, speaking of morons...I wake up today at what I assume is 9am, yell at my sister for calling me so early to ask about bagels, and then listen to her inform me it's actually 2 in the afternoon. Way to keep your head in the game, Kris.

Friday night sort of reminded me of when I was little, and me and my cousin used to stick my sister in our little yellow and red cozy coupe car, drape a towel over it so she couldn't see where she was going and than maniacally wheel her around the back deck. Sometimes we'd accidentally lose control of it and it'd roll down a few stairs.

(To be clear, I wasn't really in a cozy coupe last night. Though I can understand if this were taken literally considering some of the things that have historically served as entertainment for me in my adult years.)

The good news was that because I was too banged up and tired to do anything all day, I didn't get distracted from painting every 2 seconds. It's a lot easier to be productive when stuff like Pop-A-Shot and video games make your head hurt.

P&C is about 3 days away, and I just may finish this by then after all!!

Under normal circumstances, a screwy sleep schedule could mean spending Sunday playing a fun day of "Press Your Luck: At What Inopportune Time Will Too Little Sleep Abruptly Catch Up to Me."

Not today, though!

I'm off Monday. Sunday is automatically awesome. So from where I'm sitting, everything's turning up Milhouse.


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