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I was reminded of a scene in Ace Ventura yesterday, after my sister--who is insanely brilliant/talented and basically this otherwordly prodigy/pundit in all things art--saw the work-in-progress wall.

And the scene it reminded me of?

"Well, that's a fine painting, Pollina. But unfortunately, real painters have to worry about a little thing called...PERSPECTIVE."


So...Day 3=more an exercise in seeing exactly how much use I can get out of a 2" by 1" pink eraser. HOWEVAH, I have a feeling tonight is going to be aggressively productive. Mostly because I just am impatient to start the painting part of it, and I know how I am: I'll stay up til 5am killing myself to finish this, which will consequently lead to me crashing Friday afternoon. I really wish the human body didn't require any sleep at all.

That, and I wish there was a function on email systems where you could postdate an email. Like if I remembered an email I had to send out at like 3am, I could just write it and schedule it for delivery for 8am...because really, anything you write at that hour is going to be overshadowed by the backstory behind it. It's like Christmas morning for my mom every time she gets an email with a timestamp past 1am. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING AWAKE AT THIS HOUR? STORY?"

My birthday's coming up...there's 2 gift ideas right there. Sleepless physiology. Postdated emails.

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  1. jimm ny said...
    Yeah chick it was looking good til your sister mentioned those windows in the they kinda jump put at you...Perspective is a finicky biotch isn't she.

    MLB channel is getting me through these slow times...soon to get even worse after Super Bowl...and Rangers are killing me, wait til Olympic break.

    About your E-mail idea, let me know if you figure that one out.

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