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Alllllmost done with the sketching. Just gotta put in the little doorways along the bottom. Some awnings. Maybe a couple of street lights. And then it's PAINT TIME.

I went out this morning to Benjamin Moore, even though I kind of wanted to wait til I was fully done with the pencil outline first. But for some reason I feel like the paint store is open for about 23 minutes a week, and this might be a rare opportunity to actually lock up the paint purchases.

So I go to the paint place on 87th and York, and in response to every. single. question. I asked, the man working there rattled off some boilerplate monologue about the differences between flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finish.

I'm not even kidding. Even when I asked if I could get a size smaller than a quart. Very well played, B-Moore guy. I stopped asking questions after the 3rd time. "FINE I'LL TAKE THE QUART-SIZED. IN EGGSHELL. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE."

Genius. A wildly unhelpful man leveraged his gruffness into sales of 5 paint cans. And a paint brush.

I'm pretty sure I just got jedi-mind-tricked.

Well played, sir. You're like a more clever version of Amtrak Julie.

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  1. cjb said...
    seriously, not fair. this is the greatest thing i've ever seen. hope you don't plan on getting that security deposit back though.

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