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Off-speed pitching.

Kills them every time. I remember watching the Wednesday game against Boston with my sister, and she counted as Mo threw 9 consecutive 91 mph cutters. On the 10th one, he threw a 92 mph one to strike out the batter. “He’s more OCD than YOU,” she said. “Way to keep em off balance by mixing it up, Mo.”

That’s how the Yankees see off speed pitched. 91 to 92 mph. So when someone like David Price comes in like a mini Halladay and just throws about 29348723 different pitches at them, the Yanks get confused.

Like last night. When they lost 3-9. I followed the game on the sophisticated (nope) Blackberry technology of refreshing the game screen, and only intermittently since I was doing North Carolina things with my buddy. And I said, “No, no, I don’t want you looking for the game, you probably don’t even get it down here. I just want to check score. Oh, 2-0. Nice.”

We eat dinner (grilled pizza) and an hour late I check the score again. 5-2? Motherf’r. Grumble grumble.

Then 9-2. My favorite numbers. Sort of 9. And a backwards 29.

Tex is now 0-16 in the last 4 games. To be clear, he hasn’t gotten a hit year in 2010.

At least Carl Crawford did well, but when does he not, really. (In other TB complimentary news, Zobrist is going to have the sickest year of his life. That guy is terrifying.)

A-Rod had an RBI triple (way to do your part A-Rod. Just keep it up, I like how you’re unaffected by the blanking of the rest of the team.)
Cano also continued to do his part in the whole RBI generating campaign. Singled in the 8th, followed by Jorge walking to load the bases, followed by Swish striking out. It’s ok. You’re not gonna win like that. Grand slam and the score’s still 9-7…the true litmus test of how desperate you are for a win and how improbable it is, is when you start thinking of the game in terms of how many grand slams away you from tying the game.

Javy Vasquez…No. Bad dog. Rushing through everything. I can forgive the loss, it’s just one game, but what I can’t forgive is the fact that because of you, I had to watch about 934 clips of 2004 Game 7 on SportsCenter, as they reminded everyone what the last thing you did in pinstripes. I’m going to start unleashing my Joba ire on you, if this keeps up. And just ask Joba how much HE liked it.

Today’s a new day. And I’m going to be beach now! Later on at 3:10, Fatso gets the ball against super hyped up phenom Wade Davis. Davis has got a snowman’s chance in hell. I don’t buy his hype. Speaking of talented young arms, why isn’t Hughes pitching in the 5th game? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After all that f’n broo-ha about the 5th starter spot and now we’re just not even going to it? It’s like, Oh no, we’re not actually gonna USE a 5th starter, we just wanted to see who it’d be if we DID.


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