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Another 4-1 win. If I were the gambling type, I'd play some lotto number like 5-4-1. Or maybe it's not so much if I were the gambling type, so much as it's "If I were the non-inert type."

That's one interesting set of numbers for you. The second? There was not a single run-scoring hit in this game. Zero.

Those kinds of games are a lot of fun to watch. Nope. It's like watching that thing that sometimes happens in between hockey periods. Those little "sled hockey" scrimmages that are about as animated as a door frame.

But the Yankees won, which means they win the series, which puts their series win count to 8. The only series they've lost so far is against Anaheim last week. Michael Kay and Al Leiter put the feat of this amazing start in context in some way, but they were so hopped up on Red Bull that I really had a lot of trouble following them for this game.

AJ was dealing tonight, and in terms of pattern detection, I wouldn't be opposed to the argument that the absence of Posada behind the plate has had something to do with his uncharacteristic consistency so far this season. Burnett (4-0) struck out eight in 7 1/3 innings, allowing five hits, two walks and an unearned run.

He pitched against the above average young gun Matusz, who now officially joins the likes of Buerhle with respect to Players Who I Hate For No Reason Other Than The Fact Their Last Names Look Like A Real Beehive of Typo Activity. The guy who's given us a moderate hard time in his last start against us, allowed 3 runs (1 earned) in 6 innings.

This all goes back to what I was saying yesterday: the overall fielding and errors and defensive sloppiness seems to be a league-wide epidemic. I don't get it. Any ideas?

In continuing weirdo news, it should be noted that the O's only tacked 1 run on the board at all on account of AJ throwing a wild toss to first on Izturis' sac bunt in the 3rd. That's not REALLY that odd, I guess. I mean, AJ's still AJ. Maybe he was going through "wild pitch" withdrawal and had to find his kicks elsewhere.

I think it's weirder that he goes from errant tosses on routine outs... to then striking out the top of the order: Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Matt Wieters.

And it's even weirder than THAT, that that's EXACTLY how the Yanks finally made it to the scoreboard in the 5th. Matsuz (which is how I'm spelling his name from now on, I don't give a shit) makes a bad toss to 1st on Pena's sac bunt. A-Rod walked with bases loaded, and Cano flied out to end the inning, which was old school Cano and his sidekick: the Rampant Fear of RISP.

Those demons are long expelled, but I guess they're allowed to resurface from time to time.

Joba closed out the game, quietly and effectively, and the lack of Mo did not escape anyone's attention. He had "tightness" in his left side, but assures everyone he's totally fine and that he feels ready to take the mound again after throwing 10 to 15 pitches in a bullpen session.

"You're never going to feel a hundred percent. So far, it feels good."

I am 100% obsessed with Mo for saying that. I've been saying this for years. Everyone needs to stop saying everyone has to "play 110%" because now I have even FURTHER evidence to back up my argument. Mariano Rivera just said you can never feel %100. If the steel god of the Yankees doesn't think it's possible to even be at 100 percent. Case closed.


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