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1.) Unapologetic Excuse to Take Shots at New England

My sister sends me this link this morning, and while I question the supermodel's credibility for legally joining with such a total creampuff, I like the fact it gives me an excuse to ridicule the creampuff in question.

Gisele has a baby and manages to return to tiptop shape (whether this is a function of dietary restrictions, aggressive exercise, or aggressive airbrushing, I can't say). Tom Brady gets married and becomes paled version of his former self.

In the words of Gisele, "I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals."

I think a lot of people get married and decide they can turn into garbage QBs.

2.) Uneducated Thoughts on the NBA Finals

I always like LeBron James. Half because when he was getting drafted, I remember thinking that he was gonna be a pip squeak who'd be lost in the pro's. My bf at the time had said, "He's a man playing with children. Now he's just gonna be a man playing with men and he'll be Mr. Irrelevant." And not only was he the opposite of irrelevant, but he was cool about it. Not like a cocky prepubescent prodigy. But he knew the critics were gunning for him, and he had to not only excel but demonstrate a demeanor immune to media suffocation.

When I was interviewing for an internship at Shenandoah, I instinctively defaulted to sports chatter with the editor Rod Smith, and he was telling me how he thinks athletes who go straight from HS to the pros usually end up being role model-type athletes. (As much an athlete can be, anyway.) Very interesting theory. At the time, he was right. Kevin Garnett. Stoudemire. Lebron. Kobe. Tracy McGrady.

I digress. Lebron almost had a triple double last night. He also had 9 turnovers. The bf who had expressed his doubts about Lebron, was a diehard Knicks fan, and I remember asking him when he thought they would be good again (this was in 2003) and he said, "2011." It was weird, since 2011 seemed like an impossibly far away time. But now it looks like Lebron may be Knicks-bound, and maybe the ex will prove to be right.

So anyways, my point is that I think everyone needs to be a little easier on the kid. It's like this line I heard in the HBO Ted Williams documentary, on how Teddy Baseball was useless in the playoffs: "He was crying after the game, and I just told him, 'Teddy, you know, we wouldn't even be here in the first place if it wasn't for you.'"

(Amazing how when it has to do with the Splendid Splinter, that argument holds water. But say it about anyone else..cough, A-Rod, cough...and it falls on deaf ears.)

The Cavs wouldn't be even close to what they are now if not for Lebron. Don't take it so hard, kid. You're still a star.

3.) Uneducated Thoughts on the NHL Finals

7:00 tonight, Bruins vs. Flyers, Game 7. Please, for the love of God, please let the Flyers win. When the Giants won in 2008, that gave me a HUGE amount of vindication in the fight against 2004. But now? If the Bruins lose to the Flyers, then...well I can't even think about it, the repercussions are too wonderful to prematurely wrap my head around.

4.) Where Aromas Go to Lounge

The electricity in my apartment went out last night, so me and my sister grabbed as many candles from Duane Reade as we could before it closed, and now my apartment is a hefty mix of about 14 different, veryyyy strong, scents. Also, I tried to put out the handles with my fingers, effectively getting wax everywhere, and also effectively ensuring I smell like this for the forseeable future. Would've been a lot more convenient if I got this wax everywhere instead.


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