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I cannot tell a lie. I did not see a single inning of this game, nor did I even hear a single radio snippet announcing. I have about 5 of these types of games a year, at most. Games that come and go without me even tracking the score on my phone. It's not unusual for me to be unable to watch on tv OR listen on the radio. But during those instances, I'm checking on my phone. Which is almost always the most aggravating practice in the world to whoever happens to be in my company.

Think about places where you'd be cut off from a tv or radio. Museums, movie theaters, important dinner outings, weddings, meetings...then think about how unseemingly it is to have to "discreetly" refresh your blackberry screen.

But as I'm still in the nascent stages of my job, I'm running around like a crazy person trying to remember names, etc. So no distracting baseball games running in my office.

I knew it was an afternoon game, but I didn't (somehow) if that makes any sense? Like I knew it was during the day, but I just didn't really realize that it was the day.

But I'm reasoning with my self that everything worked out for the best since it meant my night was free to watch the Lakers and Celtics duke it out. I think my interest in the NBA is so unbelievably marginal that I'm amazed I could even work up the energy to sit through 90% of it. Just goes to show you how much of a sucker I am for ANY kind of media hype at all. I'm particularly vulnerable to any revenge type of scenario where one side is discernibly foaming at the mouth to not just triumph, but to make their opponents suffer as much as humanly possible.

(Nice Game 1, LA. C's didn't look so hot, which means I guess the refs were making terrible calls, I'm assuming. God know Boston doesn't lose. They only have games stolen from their rightful ownership. I'd also like to point out that it was somewhat fitting that the Basketball Diaries was on during all this. I think a freebasing Leo DiCaprio could have single handedly whipped the C's tonight.)

But I digress big time. This is gonna have to be a short one tonight, I'm sorry. I just have a few projects I HAVE to finish tonight, and since, you know, I didn't exactly witness the game and all,, I'm just looking at my cat sleeping next to the computer and I wish so badly I could be like, "Hey, Mo. You're up. Call to the bullpen. I need you to come for relief and write the recap for me tonight."

Today real Mo was giving his "critics" reason to cavell (sp?) when he put the first 2 men on base. Ahhhh! Wigginton HBP! Mo's age is showing! Yanks are fragile! HAHAHA they're gonna lose!!!

No, Rivera got next 3 outs, 2 by K's. leading member of the "stars on the Yanks everyone is dying to be able to call overrated"--got his first win since the inception of Real World Season 5.

A-Rod homered. (And maybe I'm just tired, but was that really in right center? It didn't even LOOK like his swing. It was like some weirdo hybrid of an Arodian and Jeterian swing. Wow.

GGBG and Cano chipped in as GGBG and Cano are want to do. (#17 on Cano's hit streak...)

O's get swept in the aftermath of the Yanks 5th straight W. The O's, to be sure, have won 15 games this year. (To put things in perspective, the Yanks have LOST only 5 more than that.)

Before I sign off for the night, I'll leave you with this, which is easily the funniest aspect of's coverage of the game. Millwood here sounds like a 1st grader trying to explain why he was the first kid knocked out in the dodgeball match at recess:

"I didn't think my stuff was that bad," Millwood said. "I just wasn't hitting my spots. I didn't make enough good pitches. You walk four guys over six innings, you're making it tough for yourself. It was one of those days where I couldn't throw the ball where I wanted to."

Derek Jeter drew a leadoff walk in the first inning, stole third and scored on a balk when Millwood clumsily caught his spikes on the mound in mid-delivery. In an effort to avoid the balk, Millwood flipped a dribbler toward the plate as he stumbled down the dirt slope, but it was too late.

It wasn't that bad, Millwood! You're a very handsome guy and if those girls don't want to date you then it's there loss! Your stuff looked GREAT to me. Don't pay any attention to those bullies.

Oh wait one last thing. I know it just happened YESTERDAY and all, but when exactly does the who-can-make-who-feel-worse exchange of respects going to peter out between Joyce and Galarraga?

After the 28-out perfecto, they shared mutual understanding with each other...via the 2 of them alerting the media how much of a burden each had to bear but how both wanted to move on.

The Galarraga brought Joyce the lineup card before Thursday's game started. Then we find out Joyce and co. have purchased Galarraga corvette.

Lastly, a headline on the Yahoo site tells me there was a house visit involved. OK, WE GET IT. YOU GUYS ARE COOL. YOU'RE TOTALLY BRO's YO.

But right now you're reminding me a little too much of that scene in "The Office" when Andy and Dwight keep trying to out-favor each other, always wanting to be the last one to destow a nicety...

Alright, I'm inching towards total incoherence. Like, typing in my sleep type of stuff. And if I've learned anything from the Investigation Discovery challenge:

After 48 hours awake you are considered "drunk" after 80 hours not only will u not be able to read and absorb material but you'll start hallucinating and showing early signs of dementia...

Good night, everyone! See you tomorrow!


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