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I didn't get to see any of it. Again. But this time it was my own fault and I couldn't even chalk it up to a day game. I suppose theoretically I could write this one off for work purposes. After my first softball game with my new company, we went to play beirut. And it's a sad twist of fate that the nearest beirut bar to my place, the cheapest Friday night wings and beer, also happens to be one of the handful of Sox bars in the city.

And unsurprisingly, all 10 of the tv's were showing NESN. Actually, there was one showing the Mets, and one not showing anything. I think they did that on purpose. Like instead of just acting like normal human beings and using the last tv to show the Yankee game since we are, after all, in NYC, the Sox bar thought it would be a nice dig to basically say, "Yeah we're showing the Mets. And we have another tv that we could be using to show the Yanks, but you know what, we're going to just not show ANYTHING on it. On principle."

Of course, this could all be my active paranoia working, but you can't rule any level of petty immaturity out when you're dealing with Boston fans.

I DID get to watch the rerun of the game this morning. I fell asleep at 11pm last night. No joke. I couldn't even keep my eyes open once I got home. Softball takes it out of you, I guess. And when I woke up at 9am, the YES network was conveniently airing last night's bludgeoning the Yanks took at the hands of the J's.

Roar. I had to watch. Just to see exactly where we went wrong.

It turned out, there were a lot of places. The Yanks were only able to knock out 5 hits against Cecil, and I guess he's not too bad a pitcher. he's 6-2 but I really think that has more to do with the fact he's playing for a team who can slam the ball about 5 miles away from the plate. It's either that or he gets to play the I'm-better-than-average-but-people-underestimating-me-helps-me-become-realllly-better-than-average.

The sophomore hurler attributes this to being tough, which is hilarious: "This year I'm not intimidated by anybody." Whooaaa. Brett Cecil playing for keeps, yo.

AJ's main problem was his control, as is usually the case when Bad AJ emerges. 4 walks, 6 hits, and olnly 2Ks. No one was really touching the ball today. Maybe the run hemorraging that had gone on against the O's wore out their bats, but there was only a mere smattering of hits, and none of which were very impressive, really. In fact, our only run scored came from a Swish double play that ended up plating Moeller.

How many freaking catchers does this team have now?? They collect catchers like my sis collects future DL stars for her fantasy team.

The real story of the night was Juan Batista knocking in 2 homeruns, bringing his season total to 18. Previously his high was 16. Mr. Irrelevant has turned into Sammy Sosa all of a sudden.

Our pitcher attributed this to "his happy spot." I don't want to go further into this, but suffice to say AJ Burnett is such a weirdo and it's awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Robinson Cano. Speaking of not awesome, his hitting streak ended at 17 games. Dammit. Only 40 more and he would have made history! SO CLOSE!

Today Andy Pettitte takes the mound against Ricky Romero at 1. Good matchup. And luckily I'm completely not hungover and completely bright eyed and ready to watch it. Big day for me. Yankees, laundry, painting and roofing. That's right, roof is now a verb. Don't judge me. If I apply active implicatuions to words that denote complete inertia, then I'm really beating the system.

Quite the life I've carved out for myself...


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