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It would have been cool to have him, just because, why the hell not?

But they can survive without him.

They didn't NEED him.

They NEED a bullpen pitcher.

My buddy Gerry said, "It seems like overkill, but I kind of want them to pick up Lee and Werth and just put them in Scranton or something. Just to piss off the rest of the league.

That's what kills other teams. The Yankees take their best players and then bat them 8th and or make them the #4 guy in the rotation. Let's put Lee in long relief. And give Werth some valuable reflection time on the bench."

For the record, I am NOT on board with trading Javy for Werth. Not only because what it would do to the outfield (I don't want to bench GGBG), but because I think it's kind of not fair to Javy, who had to put up with every Yankee fan clawing at him for the first month of the season (me included), and now he's finally turning it around, and we deal him? No. No, that's not right. Give the guy some credit.

So after a morning of hearing all about how the Yanks deal was all but finalized, and after a morning of hearing all about how every other fan is going to boycott baseball because it's officially not fair, and the Yankees are just buying another championship, and ensuring their repeat title...Cliff Lee becomes a rental for the Texas Rangers.

Which was surprising because I thought they were broke.

I have to assume they're paying Lee in monopoly money.

I also have to assume that Lee will most likely land on the Yankees next season, and the Mariners have abandoned hope of their 2010 season, and that while everyone thinks Cashman got played, he really played it quite well.

Gerry makes a good point: "So he's going to the Rangers now? Ha, how'd that happen? I bet in the middle of negotiations, Cashman was like, 'um lemme make a quick phone call,' dialed up Theo, and was like, 'oh ok, so I guess you're not busy with anything uh trade related right now, since you're picking up the phone and all. Ok yeah nevermind. Just checking.' Then Cashman goes back to the Mariners and is like, 'Um David Adams is hurt. You don't want him, trust me. Sorry to waste your time, nice doing business with you!'"

The Rangers are good, but c'mon you know it only matters to the Yanks to keep Lee away from the East.

You know what pissed me off though? How everyone was like, "Oh great, the Yanks just guaranteed themselves another BOUGHT CHAMPIONSHIP."

He pitches once every 5 days. 3 of our starters already have 11 wins. What makes everyone think that Lee was going to lock up the season?

I think haters secretly want the Yanks to do shit like this. Because otherwise they can't invalidate the Yanks' success. It's too hard to do that when players like GGBG, Cano, Pena, Cervelli, Hughes, etc are headlining the team.

Bought our team? Our 2 All-Star pitches are homegrown boys. So are the 2 starter infielders. We bought an All-Star team? No one on the starting roster is anything but a Yankee Blue Blood.


And if it makes you feel any better, if you REALLY need that reason to hate on the Yankees...Lee'll probably be in pinstripes next year, anyway.


  1. frankee28 said...
    I guess that one shining realization of this almost trade is what the Yankees must think of Cervelli, to trade off Montero
    Maria said...
    @CYC, lov ya girl! This is great! "And if it makes you feel any better, if you REALLY need that reason to hate on the Yankees...Lee'll probably be in pinstripes next year, anyway."

    @Frankee "things that make you go hmmmm" ;)

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