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DVR has made my life easier and yet has also made me completely oblivious to any new movies coming out.

I'm also a slave to advertising (you'd think I wouldn't be since I'm one of the cogs in the great advertising empire), so it probably ultimately saves me a ton of cash when I can completely avoid any product marketing, by virtue of simply fast forwarding through commercials.

HOWEVAH, when it comes to Yankee promotions, I remained glued to the TV. It's like the sage words from the classic cult movie "Good Luck Chuck":

Cam Wexler: I wanna be part of someone's life not all of it.
Joe: Have you taken a look at your bedroom lately?
[she loves penguins and her bedroom is filled with pics and stuffed penguins]
Joe: If you love something, sometimes you just wanna be surrounded by it.

Ah, sage words from a Dane Cook movie. A phrase I never thought I'd say. Also, a phrase I always hoped I'd never say.

Anyways, that said, my buddy over at the always insightful and entertaining, is polling his readers on the best of the best Yankee commercials.
Check it out, I'm quite interested to see which one edges out.

Vote for the Best Yankee Commercial!

(Unfortunately, one of my favorite commercials of all-time and I don't just mean of Yankee ones, I mean EVER...didn't make the cut...Probably because it's not a Yankee commercial, but semantics.)


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