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I actually stayed awake through the ENTIRE game. I have no idea how. I think it was because I had a game at 7, and I was all hopped up on softball endorphins.

Of course, the fact that I was able to stay up past 2:00 didn't keep me from once again falling asleep on the couch with all the lights on etc. (ConEd is going to supoena me or something. They keep reminding up that in this 100 degree heat it's IMPERATIVE we conserve energy, and I basically have been on an hellbent albeit unintentional mission to maximize my electricity use.)

The weird thing about this game was that it sort of just unfolded without me realizing til the 6th inning, how good a game it was. I LOVE pitchers duels, and would always prefer one to the a homerun extravaganza. It's 0-0 for most of the game, til Andy makes a teeny mistake and his throwing error plates a run in the 6th.

Andy, btw, for all his awesome aplomb and magnificence, somehow has the 2nd most errors (3) of any pitcher in baseball (Justin Masterson has 5). It's so weird. He's this god on the mound and then a spaz the second he's off it. I'm ok with that. Especially when he has games like last night, when he strikes out 9.

Also, my intuition and ability to read people is sometimes on the fritz, so if someone can explain to me why Pettitte looked like he was out for blood when he was taken out in the 8th, after throwing 107 pitches, then please enlighten me. I couldn't tell if he was angry at getting pulled, or if he was just sounding his barbaric yawp over the dugout tops of the world or what...

And since he's not Mike Mussina, I doubt he was angry over his performance. He's not a crazy perfectionist, so there are very few ppl who would get mad at leaving the game with the scored tied at 1.

The bats were far from slumbering, but it was another case of stranding baserunners left right and center. With RISP, they were 1-11. Even worse, they left 12 MEN ON BASE. A DOZEN. ENOUGH TO FIELD A JURY. That's bananas.

Swisher went 4-4, and made a number of outstanding fielding plays, basically as if to say, "I'm not just on the All Star roster for comic relief. I'm actually pretty good, all you Youk enthusiasts." Cano went 2-4, and just to show you how f'n good he is, one of the announcers actually said, "Cano seems to be cooling down a little" and he wasn't even being remotely sarcastic.

Grandy 3-4 with some huge hits, also making a good case for the "I can't decide if this was a valid acquisition" waverers.

And you know who was just utterly BRILLIANT? Ramiro Pena. He is a shockingly effective defensive gem. First of all, he looks about 9 years old. Second of all, I feel like some of the plays he made were overlooked on account of the whole "they make it look easy" phenomenon, but good God, you just need to have a working knowledge of fielding dynamics to see that what he was doing out that was like Matrix-style otherworldly.

I'm dramatic.

And finally, but certainly not least, there's The Way The Game Was Won.


9th inning.

2 strikes.

2-run single.


Last night was the 16th anniversary of Arod's MLB debut. How poetic. In Seattle. Way to make 'em show what they're missing. It's like a guy breaking some plain jane's heart, and even though every wants the plain jane to become a supermodel and come back to laugh at him, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes, the stud gets even studlier. And comes back to parade his outlandish success. It's like a tshirt this theater major at W&L used to wear all the time, which NEVER ceased to crack me up.

3 more days of west coast play... even though I saw the whole game, I still was subjected to another night of weird sleepwalking. I woke up with half an ice cream Snickers bar on my forehead. Not my mouth, or chin. But my forehead. I suspect I might have tried to use it as a cool damp rag or something to ice my head? Who the hell knows.

Tonight Hughes goes up against Cliff Lee. Oh yeah, Cliff Lee may be a Yankee by the time I post this. No big. I just texted my buddy Nate about this, which was the LVP move of the day. "Well, that just took a giant shit on my day. I'm bbqing with my Yankee friend today and I'm sure he'll be wearing his jersey and the first words out of his mouth will be 'Cliff Lee.'"

I don't know. He's in New Hampshire. His friend probably doesn't even know about the Lee dealing. I don't know if there's internet there.

Last points of the day:

This made me laugh for 45 straight minutes. It has nothing to do with sports, but everything to do with making me giddy on a Friday morning, edging out the Free Bagels in the office for "Making My Day."

Also, there's this. I couldn't care less about basketball, but I always enjoy a "Screw public relations and media image. I'm going for the jugular" type of professional reactions.

"I never worry about burning bridges, because I don't plan on regressing."

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  1. frankee28 said...
    With all due respect, you left out Jeter. With one out, if the Captain doesn't get on base, we have a Swisher double followed by a Texeira pop fly out for the end of the inning

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