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I'm back. Thank you so much for all your kind words and condolences, it was really nice to hear during a difficult time. And of course, many heaps of gratitude for the wonderful mystery blogger who went out of his way to email me a game recap. Again, thank you all very, very much. Just proves what we already always knew, which is that while Yankee fans can be crazy loonies (guilty), when it comes down to it, they're the classiest fans in the game...

As I'm sure you're all reallly sick of hearing, I missed the tv broadcast of yet another game, and had to settle for the radio in my office for the first 7 innings. But the good news is that once this FDA submission is out the door on FRIDAY THE 13th, I'll be free for at least 2 weeks. I can watch Yankee games and sleep in my bed and see my friends and play on the roof...until then it's Suzyn and John all the way.

They've gotten kind of defeatist this year. When the Yanks were down 1-0, they kept saying over and over how "If the Yankees lose this game, they'll lose a game." Which made my head spin and brought to mind my days of my college radio show where the 5-second delete button was frantically slammed more times than a Family Feud buzzer.

Sterling and Waldman never seem to take advantage of this, if it's even available.

I figured out eventually what he meant, after like the 17th time he reiterated this nonsense.

If they lose TO THE RANGERS, the lose a game IN THE STANDINGS.

Ahhh. Eureka. Clarity.

Sort of.

Is it me or do the Yankees seem to have dramatic games against the Rangers more often than not? I don't know.

This game was of the "oomph that hurt" ilk. Tight game. Stellar performance from AJ, who gives us pretty much every week a running diary of his mental state-injury status, in live time. Game tying solo shot in the 8th from Arod (the youngest player to hit 601! another record broken!) Great defensive showing from both halves.

The type of game you really want to win.

And no one likes to be walked-off on. Ugh, God is this how the rest of the league constantly felt against the Yanks last year?? Man, that sucks. Brutal feeling. Even in a regular season game like this. Maybe it felt worse because that's the only part I actually got home in time to see.

Or maybe it felt worse because it was against Mariano Rivera.

The other way to look at it is that the batting order was all sorts of weird. Jeter, Swish, TIMMS, Arod, KEARNS, BERKMAN, CERVELLI, Ggbg, PENA...

So we didn't have our A-team. Tex was home for paternity stuff. Cano was deathly ill, but still batted in the end of the game and came through because that's what he does. Kearns was a great fill in though. Berkman, unsurprisingly went 0 for 4. I'm 100% out of theories why they picked him up.

My buddy Aaron might be the winner of this Guess This Rationale game, when he hypothesized that maybe he's a plant. I don't really know why you'd SIGN a plant in the first place, but semantics.

So David Murphy was the champ of this game. Mo not so much. Blew the save, but small favors he didn't walk in the winning run, which would have completely done me in. Something I'd never want to see. Ever. Ugh.

Since I'm useless when it comes to hearing abilities, I have to watch the games with captioning, but the UPN 9 captioner was clearly under the influence, as the things on the screen looked something like: AJD. HOO.? NAS AKOQ..@@@@

Very helpful. Though when Mo intentionally walked Cruz, the captioning read something like "Worid abbt waallk,ng in a run?.." How odd, I thought. Why would Mo be worried about walking in a run? He's Mo. He can get the ball over the plate if he wants to.

Then sure enough, it's bases loaded with a 3-0 count.

Then a 3-2 count.

Then a 4-3 loss.

Maybe it hurt because Mo blew the save. Maybe because the Yanks couldn't best the best in the west. Or maybe because they couldn't best a team with 3 errors in the game.

It hurt though.

And it's the middle of August, and I think that once August 13 rolls around, things are going to change for us. For the better. The fireworks shall begin.


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